Review: Born Pretty Store False Eyelash Kit

Time for a review! Today we'll be looking at Born Pretty Store False Eyelash Kit and everything it includes.

*This post is sponsored by Born Pretty

There are 3 items in total:  New Eyelash False Pretty Eyelashes, false eyelash applicator and false eyelash glue.
Born Pretty is an online store located in Singapore selling various nail art and other beauty and cosmetic products. I picked these eyelashes because they remind me of those my gyaru idols are wearing ♡ But there are lots of other things worth getting such as: Acrylic Mold DIY Decorations for those who run their own deco business and Swarovski rhinestones which I'm digging myself! Not to mention the affordable prices! So if you are planning to decorate your nails, cell phone or something else - Born Pretty Store has everything you need.

Some of my readers may know, that I've been wearing false eyelashes for over 3 years almost daily. Over these years I've tried out many different lashes and glues. I've never tried a false eyelash applicator yet so this will be interesting. :D

Lets see what the description says:
  • Brand new and high quality
  • With one professional glue and applicator
  • They are very easy to use and can be used for many times if using properly.

Instruction of usage
  •  Carefully remove the eyelashes from the case
  • Compare false eyelashes with your eye lines and trim to suitable length and width if necessary

Took a picture for demonstration. The extra part is there so the lashes will stay on place in the package.
  • Apply the glue along the false eyelash root with cotton bud
  • Hold the eyelash on the root of your natural lashes and add a bit pressure on it 
Here's how the package looks:

There are 10 pairs of lashes in one package and each package costs around $3-$8. (In euros that's 2,1 - 5,8!!). From stores you can get 1 pair for that money.

Well there are some cons such as having to cut off the extra part they have, but it's understandable since the lashes are so cheap! They are really useful, if you use lashes a lot. There are lots of different styles you can see from here.

My eye with lashes on:

They look a lot like the lashes from Seppälä that I wear often. They don't stand out too much, but they do make a difference. At least I feel naked without eyelashes.

And eyes closed:

I think they look really cute like this! Useful when you attend school and people often see you looking down/writing. :) 

Now about the Eye Charm glue 

This glue can be used as an eyelid glue or as a lash glue. As you can see the package also includes a light pink stick Asians use to get double eyelids. The glue is nice to your skin as it is made to use on daily basis by Asians and the stick can actually be used to put pressure on your falsies to make them stay on place. :)

For me the lashes stayed on very well, I took them off around 10pm in the evening and it was still difficult to remove them. So I can say that it's the best glue I've ever used! I don't think I ever need to worry about fake eyelashes getting loose again.
Fake eyelash applicator is not something I'm quite used to. I still prefer putting them on with my own fingers. But maybe it's only me. It is nice to hold your lashes with it while you are putting glue on them though! Has anyone used one before? :o 

One more picture of me with the lashes taken today:

I'm wearing my new upper lashes, these lashes from Seppälä as bottom lashes and these lenses.

Anyway, that's all. I think I've never written an entry this long before. Hope it was of any help and don't forget to visit my nice sponsor for all your nail art and cosmetic needs! :) They have many nice things for a great price! And guess what - there's also a coupon code on my sidebar that will get you 7% of discout of everything you buy! 7OFFJ61


  1. Pretty Fake Lashes... Are really cute I like it!! Nice Blog sweetie God Bless you~~

    Sakuranko Blog
    My Facebook Page Fan

  2. Thank you for your comment! :)

  3. waah that eyecharm glue sounds interesting! I've always used something like that on my right eyelid because the lids is too deep. so I have to make it 'upper' by putting eyelid glue. I used koji eyetalk and one from daiso ^^ you look totally cute on the pic, really! and I love your eyemake, so stunning =D

  4. Well I don't know much about how good it is compared to other eyelid glues since I haven't used them before. :O But it sure works better than normal lash glues! :) And it's super cheap too.

    And thank you~~ ;3

  5. Nii kenad ripsmed :O Kannaks ise ka tihedamini kui meil poleks need nii kuradi ülehinnatud T.T

  6. Seppäläs on 1.85 eurot ja sealt saidilt saad sama raha eest lausa 10 paari! Soovitan proovida :)

  7. Seppäläs mingi allahindlus jälle ripsmetel või? Kui viimati Rimis käisin olid nagu 3 eurot midagi.

    Aga muidu peaks isegi miskit sealt saidilt proovima. Tundub selline tore ja kena ettevõte tasuta saatmisega ^‿^

    Su peal näevad need ripsmed igatahes vääga kenad välja ja su läätsed viimasel pildil on nii nunnud. Envy. *.*

  8. Ei ole, seal on üks paar, mille hind ongi alati olnud 1.85 eurot, krooni ajal oli siis 29.- EEK. :) Mulle väga meeldivad ja liim on ka hea, ainult kivikesi peab ära kiskuma. :D

    Väga tore pood on see tõesti! :) Toredad hinnad, jne. :D

    Thank you! :) I'm glad to hear you like them! ^^ I'm going to post a video review on my lenses soon!


  10. Pole näinud. Homme lähen ja vaatan üle ;P

    Keelekriis vist. :D

  11. Hakkasin reviewst mõtlema ja lülitusin inglise keelele :D

  12. oh my gosh you look like such a beautiful porcelain doll! your hair+gorgeous eyes+ soft light skin looks so nice ^___^

  13. Awwe~~thank you! <3
    I do not look like this right now tho~~ :o


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