Circle Lens Review: Geo Princess Mimi Chocolate

It's time for another circle lens review! Today I'm reviewing lenses from the famous Geo Princess Mimi series which have become super popular lately - just like everything else advertised by Masuwaka Tsubasa. Who wouldn't want to look like her, wear something she does or use the same hair dye. She is an idol to the whole gyaru community.

So this could be the reason this is my second pair of circle lenses she has advertised. (First were angel wing, you remember those, right?)

When I pick out circle lenses I always try to choose the ones that would blend in better. From the picture it seemed like this one doesn't end too sharply. Changing color in the middle and all.

 Size: 15.0 mm
Color: Chocolate
Lifetime: Up to 1 year
Water Content: 38~42%

In the lens case: (the right one is upside down just for comparison)

And this is how they look in my eyes!

Natural light

 With flash


Design: 5/5

I especially love the dark limbal ring on the outer part and how it fades naturally into my blue eyes. Also despite being 15.0mm they look a lot bigger, don't you think? :)


So far these are the most brown looking lenses I've ever had! Some brown lenses actually look rather yellowish, so I'm happy to finally own a pair that really looks dark brown! They are a bit similar to black lenses, however, they look far more natural.

Comfort: 4/5

For 15mm lenses these are extremely comfortable to put in. Though, I do occasionally feel that one of them is out of place. The bigger the lenses the more they dry your eyes and reduce oxygen supply to your eyes so it's kinda natural. However, I've had slightly more comfortable lenses.

Overall: 4.5/5

I think these lenses almost manage to give Caucasian eyes brown eyed look & I really like them!


Full face view:

I really love how dark my eyes look!


  1. Aga 15 pole ju niiiii palju suuremad. Ilusad on küll.

  2. Ei ole jah, aga minuarust olid mu kimchi 16.0 isegi mugavamad, wtf :D

  3. Mul on ka praegu 16.0 silmas, pole probleemi :D!

  4. It looks pretty and really nice on you ^_^

  5. great review! they look really cute on you.

    i got the same design from the same company, but i am a bit said i can't say the same thing about them. ;(
    it is interesting how they look dark brown on you. they look almost red on my dark brown eyes.

  6. Lena - Aww, that's sad! ._. But yes, I've realised that how good lenses look depends a lot on your own eyecolor! >w< but most of lenses are designed for dark brown eyes so it's rare they look better on my eyes.

  7. looks AMAZING on you! The last picture you look really gorgeous, and almost mysterious or something in a way beacause of your light skin with dark hair and dark eyes, really nice look :D

  8. I kind of want to try the bambi series but I'm starting to prefer lenses with less of a thick black outer ring. These look good on you though!

  9. Vyvy and MissFeelo - Thank you both so much for your comments! ;3

  10. WOW! These are So pretty and doll like. Might need to check them out!

  11. very well written review w/ good pics!

    love these!!

    they look super cute on you!


  12. Awww those lens cases are so cute! *w*
    The brown slowly blends with your blue eys really well! They really suit you ^^

  13. kuidas sa tead mis suurust tellida , ja kui on vale suurus ega midagi halba ei juhtu ?

  14. Anonymous - Mida sa selle suuruse all mõtled? Kas diameetrit? See võib olla ükskõik milline vastavalt sinu eelistustele. 14.0 ei suurenda nii palju, kui 16.0.

  15. heyy woow these lashes are great :) and yeah, you're right, the fact that tsubasa masuwaka promoted them makes them even more special haha ;D well I'm still trying to set up my blog, I think yours is very pretty! :3

  16. I looooove it! :) It looks so lovely in your blue eyes! <3 blends perfectly! :)

  17. suurendab ? mis mõttes, mul nägemine selles mõttes korra, et mul pole vaja midagi suurendada, nüüd ütlesin raudselt midagi eriti lolli ... :dd et saad lähemalt nendest rääkida äkki ? :) . i just love lenses . ette tänades :)

  18. Inimese silma iirise diameeter on umbes 10mm. Kui sa paned silma 14 mm läätsed siis tähendab see seda, et su silma diameeter on 4mm suurem kui muidu. Ehk silma värviline osa on suurem. :D Kui paned 16mm siis on veel suurem. :)

  19. okei, :D
    tänan :)


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