Review: Lioele Eyeshadow & Eyeliner Pencil

The products mentioned in this post: Lioele Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil (Black) and Lioele Real Color Eyeshadow #04 Modern Brown.

Why Lioele?

First thing is that even if their price is comparable to Maybelline(just an example), their design is way cuter!

Although written in bad English, I really like the story on their web page. All of their products have a cute logo on them and are Cinderella themed. They also have lots of information about brand's history and development here.

But as nice as it may seem, you can never fully trust a text on a company's web page. So I also did some googling and was pleased to read many good things about their products' quality as well.

#4 Modern Brown is a bestseller in Real Color Eyeshadow series. And it doesn't surprise me. Just look at that color:

It's a cold bronze brown which is great for daily use as it is one of the basic colors.

The eyeshadow itself is well-pigmented  yet shimmery and smooth in texture.

Swatches without eyeshadow primer in natural lightning:
Applied one, two and three times. You can see that there's only a small difference.

Waterproof eyeliner:

Depending on a situation I like to use both - pencil and liquid eyeliner. Pencil eyeliner creates a more natural looking line while liquid liner is more noticeable.

I don't really have anything bad to say about this eyeliner! Some pencils can't be used on upper eye line since the smudge around eye crease, but this doesn't! :) Maybe the only minus is that it is slightly hard to remove.


Another cool thing is that it actually has a sharpener at the top! I'm not very good at using it though.

Waterproofness. After hitting the shower and soaking in bath for 30 minutes afterwards the eyeliner on my hand still looked the same! I was pretty amused actually.

How it looked like in the beginning:

Sorry about my lousy drawing! x_x

And later:
Different lightning and rubbed off one line

You can see that it's slightly duller but I think it did quite well for being in hot water for 30 minutes.

All in all, I definitely recommend giving Lioele's products a try. :) If you have used them before then tell me your opinion! Thank you so much for reading this review!


  1. lioele on parim üldse. eriti head on up & down mascara ja all in one gel eyeliner. püsivad niiiii hästi lihtsalt.

  2. kuidas ss saad firmad ennast sponsoreerima ??

  3. Geili - Pole proovinud, aga kindlasti tahan! :)

    Anonymous - Pole väga raske, kui su blogil on sobiv sihtgrupp firmale, kes endale reklaami teha soovib. :)

  4. So glad that you're spreading the Lioele love ^^ <3 I've been using their bb creams for quite a while now and also adore their lip glosses :) They're a really great brand and I just wish I had the money to try all their products hahah

  5. walking here with a smile. take care.. have a nice day ~ =D

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

  6. Väga huvitav. Polegi Korea meigi brändidesse süvenenud niiväga peale Skin79 ja Missha BB kreemide.. No ja Skinfoodist olen ka kuulnud. Täitsa telliks ja prooviks sealt midagi. ^^

  7. This look really nice, gonna bookmark their page for my payday :D!

  8. xxshinrai - I'm so glad I found out about this brand :) And I really want to try more too <33

    Dipsy - Mulle isiklikult meeldis see Dollish BB cream, millel oli lilla alatoon. Andis näonahale hoopis teise tooni! :O

    Josie - Yayy, I'm gonna be jealious, tho! :D

  9. hi! i love your contact lenses~! suits u very well~ =DD

  10. Awwe~ Thank you! i'm glad to hear that! :)

  11. Love Bb cream too! And all those packaging are so cute!☆

  12. hey there~
    please try my blog too for more lioele and other korean cosmetics ^^

    ps. definitely following you!

  13. Hello! Sure! I'll check it out! ;3

  14. Is that single eyeshadow kind of like a taupe shade??
    Great review BTW :)

    1. You are right, it does look like taupe! :) I wasn't sure how to describe it best, haha.

  15. Kas neid tooteid keegi Eestis müüb ka või saab ainult tellides?

    1. Hetkel ei tea et myyks , aga olen kaalunud ise sellega tegelema hakkamist.:D


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