Makeup Review: ETUDE HOUSE Precious Mineral Sun BB Cream

A reader of my blog recently asked how come my skin looks so perfect. Well, my skin is in pretty good condition and I use lots of Korean skin care products on it, however it wouldn't look perfect without a great bb cream! (Obviously I wear make-up on all of my photos, right.)

Product info

Amount: 35g / 1.23 oz
Expiry: 12 months

The one I'm using right now is Etude House's Precious Mineral Sun BB Cream tone N02. Etude House is a popular Korean cosmetics company with hundreds of stores in Asia - I'm sure you've heard of it too!

This is actually my first Etude House product. I'm still a newbie when it comes to Korean make-up, but I'm starting to get really into it.

Removable sponge:

Coverage wise there isn't much difference to my favourite foundations, however as you can read from the package it is also whitening, anti-wrinkle, anti-darkerning, waterproof and not to mention SPF 50+/PA+++.

Basically the saying that wearing make-up every day is bad for your skin is no longer true. This bb cream has a great coverage and it takes care of your skin as well!

Also SPF 50+ should be enough to protect my skin. If the SPF level is too low (18 and lower) then it is adviced to pair your foundation/bb cream with an SPF day cream or make-up base. For example, my face cream doesn't have any SPF so it's good to know I'm protected with this bb cream Etude House launched this summer.

(Bb cream is a lot lighter than my skin on this picture, however my face is less tanned!)

It should also work for all skin types and colors. Maybe not on too dark skin, but generally these are ment to make your skin look lighter so don't worry if your skin tone is a little darker than the shade of BB cream you chose.

+ Gives your skin a youthful shine
+ Great coverage (Of course, it depends on how you apply your bb cream)
+ Long lasting
+ Whitening, anti-wrinkle, anti-darkerning, waterproof and has SPF 50+/PA+++
+ Non-paraben, Non-talc
+ Cute packaging

- If you choose to use the sponge then you need to wash it often. (But you have to do it with all brushes/sponges anyway :D)
- Small tube

Personally I don't find the sponge that effective - I use it since it's cool and it's easy to blend the bb cream to your neck :D I still need my fingers to finish up and make sure everything is even, tho.

I like to apply a thick layer of bb cream or foundation to make my face look as flawless as possible.

Applied all over my cheek: (no photoshop x.x)

Have you tried bb creams yet? Which one is your favourite?


  1. This looks like a nice BB cream!Gahaaa there are so many. I just got into BB cream this summer and i've tried the Skin79 pink and orange plus bb creams(sorry it has a super long name)I really like those two but since I am not very experienced with BB cream I want to try out a different one when I run out of my current one. I have my eye on the Skin79 dream girls BB cream because I heard it was was great and very matte.

    1. I also haven't tried many of them yet. I think the ones with undertones are awesome :D
      Bb cream by skin 79 seem good function wise, much like this bb cream i just tried! :D They are both best selling products on Korea Depart as well!

  2. It looks really good :-)

  3. looks like it works! thanks for the review!
    can't wait to see you on my blog!

  4. You have absolutely beautiful skin so it looks very nice and flawless. I have major pore problems and when I put that on, I seriously look like an orange. Pearls do not go well on people with large pores.

    1. Haha, of course i took a picture of the part that looks the best! I have some clogged pores near my nose area as well, but these tend to come visible when applying too much powder not bb cream :D

  5. Great post ^.^ hope you can find more korean products that you like (;


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