Circle Lens Review: i.Fairy Keizen Brown

Hey everyone!

Today I'm posting my second review of lenses sent to me by Iszo Circle Lens. There can never be too many circle lens reviews, right? Right??? :D

I personally find it a great way to help people choose which lenses to buy so I hope you think the same! ^^

These lenses might look familiar to you since I've worn them on many reviews already! :)

Iszo Circle Lens offers over 200 designs to choose from and include a free Cute animal lens case or Unisex Creative Lens Case to your order! I haven't seen those lens cases anywhere else yet. What is more, they offer free shipping worldwide no matter what the cost of your order is!

The lens vials my i.Fairy lenses arrived in are smaller than they usually are which makes them a lot cuter in my opinion!

(For more info about Iszo Circle Lens packaging please click here.)

Lens info

Brand: i.Fairy
Diameter: 16.2mm
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Center Thickness: 0.04mm
Water Content: 55%
Lens' Lifetime: 1 Year Disposable

Price: $22.00

Use the coupon code: lona10 to get 10% discount on any order that's over $20.

Eyes with flash:

Color & Design

Color wise these lenses aren't very good. They definitely don't make my eyes look brown. It's fine if you already have brown eyes but I wouldn't recommend it to Caucasian people who are seeking to turn their eyes from blue to brown.

However I do like their design, mostly because it blends into my eyes perfectly. You can hardly tell where lenses end and my real eye color starts. So actually I would recommend Keizen series to Caucasian people who are looking for natural looking lenses. If they didn't make my eyes so big it would be impossible to understand if I'm wearing lenses at all.

Another thing I really like about the design is that due to their large diameter and light color, the outer parts of my irises have this cute crescent shaped light border. It's only a personal preference tho, since I really like circle lenses that do that. :)


These lenses are very comfortable. I don't know if it makes any sense but they are much more comfortable than my first pair of i.Fairy lenses. Their water content and thickness is exactly the same tho so I'm not sure how it's possible.

Anyway, I remember being scared of trying them on since my last i.Fairy lenses hurt at first. However these didn't hurt at all~~ Maybe my eyes have gotten used to 16.2mm lenses by now?


The lenses are pretty light, so for 16.2mm lenses the enlargement looks really natural. If you are aiming for the dolly eyes look then I guess you should get some darker lenses instead. Otherwise, they are perfect!

Coupon code

Already mentioned above but don't want you to miss it! Enter lona10 for 10% discount on orders over $20.
  1. Does not work on discounted lenses or Value Pack.
  2. Expires on31-12-2012

So there, I hope you found this post useful! Let me know what you think of these lenses! :)

Thank you for reading and stay tuned for more!


  1. those lens looks good on you! And your skin looks so perfekt (: how you take care of your skin?

  2. Thank youu! ^^ Well so far I've only posted about the face cream I'm using but i'll post more in the future ^^

    Also I recently received tons of Korean skin care testers so I had fun using them for a week. :D

  3. *omg* your lashes >o< and your make-up! Cuuuute~

    1. Thank you!! My make-up is really simple tho, almost no eyeshadows used! :o

  4. You look like a doll! So pretty! I really like your lip colour :D
    I agree, you can never have too many circle lens reviews.

    1. Thank youu~~! ^^
      I'm glad you think so! However, this was my last one for now! :D

  5. awesome post!! you make me want to try circle lens :)))

    1. Knowing that you are really into make-up I think it would be fun for you to combine them with different make-up looks! :)

  6. 'I wouldn't recommend it to Caucasian people who are seeking to turn their eyes from blue to brown.'
    so, caucasian people only have blue eyes/only caucasian people have blue eyes? lol..

    anyway, i really liked the close-up photo, but when i saw your full face pictures unfortunately i have to agree the lenses don't really suit you.. such a pity. you have gorgeous eyes anyway tho, you don't even need lenses for them to stand out. x

    1. No, I wasn't implying to that, I just said that since most of my blog readers are blue eyed caucasians. (In Estonia already 99% of people have blue eyes.)

      Also nobody ever said anything about them not suiting me :O

    2. 'Color wise these lenses aren't very good. They definitely don't make my eyes look brown.'

      this was the sentence i was refering to and agreeing with.
      my mistake for commenting tho, it seems like you don't react very well to comments other than 'omg, so pretty' / 'omg, so perfect'.

    3. You just confused me and I find my reaction very suitable.
      It didn't seem like you were trying to be nice, however, if i misunderstood, then i'm sorry ._.

  7. you look so great in circle lenses, my dear. you have the cutest face ever!!

    xx rae

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  8. love your eyes!
    can't wait too see you on my blog!

  9. Your eyes are it! Thanks for stoppin' by and I sent you a link of the Zara jeans worn during the day;)

    1. Wow, thank you! :D I don't think they're still available tho :/

  10. Gorgeous lenses, they look so striking on blue eyes!

  11. I love those lenses!! I wish I had circle lenses.___. Maybe someday!
    They look gorgeous on you^-^ You are very pretty!!

  12. Do you have any tutorials on how you do your eyelashes?? I ADORE them, and I can never seem to do them right on myself.


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