ARITAUM Natural Fresh Mask Collagen

It's time to talk about Aritaum's sheet masks that I've been trying! Sheet masks are actually really popular in Asia but not so common here yet.

The package is mostly in Korean and there isn't much information about the series online, but I did my best to gather soe information for you. :)
  • Formulated with collagen extract that contains plentiful amino acid.
  • Ehances moisture retention and soothes irritated skin
  • Gently exfoliates while adding moisture to skin

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(7 sheets for $10.34)


It is proven that collagen applied topically doesn't work as an anti-aging ingredient, however it can hold moisture and makes a decent moisturizer.

  • Easy to use: Sheet masks are actually much easier to apply and remove than usual liquid-type masks. I always hated washing off face masks because i got water everywhere. Now I can easily remove the mask and I'm done. :)
  • Relaxing: Feels cool and relaxing on your face.
  • Very moisturizing: Some sheet masks I've bought in Estonia are rather dry but when removing this one from package there's plenty of liquid left in the package.
  • Makes skin look healthy and feel soft.
  • No significant fragrance.
  • Reasonable price. 

Really need to find a better webcam software, lol.

After cleansing (and peeling, if you are going to do that as well) before getting ready or in the evening after removing make-up.

Would definitely re-purchase this or other masks by Aritaum. Actually I'd love to get a package with each type of mask to try! I really like having face masks in my skin care routine! And this works great + is affordable! :) Sheet masks cost at least 2€ a sheet in my country, so it's considerably cheaper to get them online!


  1. This mask looks really cool... I want to try with this. Nice review sweetie!


  2. They do look funny! A blogger sent me one and it was really good. Great review!

  3. Thanks for the review! I really love cloth facial masks, they feel so nice! I know Korea has great skin care products, I just wish korea depot didn't have such high shipping!

    1. I belive they are actually paper sheet masks not cloth! :D
      And I've also heard about their shipping prices >w<; I belive that's because they only have EMS shipping available. But at least the parcel gets to you fast! :)

  4. thank your for the review!
    looks it works :D
    can't wait to see you on my blog!

  5. i love the korean website you shared! will check it out!

  6. glad you liked the mask! huge fan of Korean cosmetics, so thanks for the site :)


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