Skin care review: BRTC Vitalizer Cream

Today I'm reviewing a skin care product from BRTC that I've been trying out for two weeks now. It's a must have for all skin care lovers especially if you are into high quality Korean cosmetics!

BRTC Vitalizer Cream is a face cream which contains over 10% vitamin nourishment while regular face creams usually contain only 1% of vitamins.

Apart from providing a great amount of nutrients to your skin this cream also claims to be moisturizing, whitening AND anti-wrinkle! Sounds awesome, right?

The cream itself has rich texture and absorbs quite slowly. However, I noticed that it did make my skin very smooth and soft. It also helped to soften and fade blemishes on my face which is a great plus since I've been looking for a product that can help me with that.

The product has a fresh lemon scent which I love. It doesn't last long after applying though, so you don't have to be worried about getting it mixed with your perfume.

Where to buy?

Although BRTC has an English website (, I'm not sure whether you can actually purchase products from there? However, I managed to find the same cream from Ebay for $24.

The package looks different, because they've probably updated it. I read the description, though, and it seems to be the same product.

To achieve best results it is advised to use all the products from Vitalizer Series together.

Bright Eye Vitalizer
Vitalizer C10 Ampoule

I couldn't find them all, though! :(

I also got 2 samples of other BRTC products.

I really liked the Jasmine BB cream however this is only a sample, so I'm not going to talk more about these.

If you became interested in BRTC Vitalizer Cream, don't be afraid to ask me for additional opinions/experiences. :)

Also, more Korean cosmetics reviews coming up soon just as promised!

Now it's time to get other things done, so I'll see you later and make sure to enjoy the last month of summer!


  1. Great review. Glad you were honest :)I've never heard of them before, so this really helped.

  2. Interesting ^^ Hehe , I always love reading upon kskin care and kcosmetics ^^

    1. Me too! They make me feel special, haha :D

  3. Looks like they have some really innovative products there!

  4. I want to try this! it sounds awesome and I am sure it is doing wonderful things for your skin.

  5. Thanks for the review! I've heard great things about BRTC but I have yet to try any of their products. I also like creams in tubes because I hate digging my finger into products x)

    1. haha yes, i honestly don't understand why they put them in jars??


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