Makeup Review: Peripera Peri's Tint No. 2

What is Lip Tint?

Lip tint is a cosmetic product applied to the lips to give them color, often without much gloss or shine included. It also claims to last longer than lipsticks or glosses.

I was really excited when I first received mine because I had seen many lip tutorials featuring lip tints before! These lip tints are also the most popular products from Peripera right now.

I decided to get an orange shade because I honestly hadn't tried one before x.x 

Here's a quick test to show you how well the color stays on!

As you can see it is better pigmented than lip glosses. After I rub off the liquid the pigment still stays on the skin!

Lip tints probably aren't ment to use alone. At least not when your lips are broken, because they can look very dry. However, when used like shown on different tutorials the result is really good!

Of course it doesn't end up looking orange, but more like peachy pink just as the name suggests. It also depends a little on your own lip color.

Apply lip tint + add a little concealer + apply lip tint again but only to the inner/center parts + blend + apply  a clear lip gloss.

Even if the third "apply lip tint again" part was a little difficult to understand you should figure it out just by observing the picture well enough! :) That's right - my lips have this gradient look that's very popular in Korea right now and can be achieved best using lip tints.

I've seen people use lip sticks to create this look as well but in my opinion it just doesn't look right.

1. Very pigmented.
2. Not sticky
3. Cute package
4. Includes flower complex
5. Fragrance & taste free - counts as a pro since fragrance free is always better than too strong fragrance, same goes for taste.
6. Get similar lips to your K-pop idols
7. Easier to apply than lip sticks

1. Doesn't look good on dry lips without anything else (lip gloss ect.) added. 
2. Could include more vitamins/healing extracts like most of Etude House's tints do.


I do love the product but I'm not sure if it's worth the $9.37 asked for it. I feel like the price comes from the cute packaging, rather than the actual quality of the product. However, if you want cute looking cosmetics then I'd say go for it! 

Being first lip tint I own it has quickly become my daily go-to lip product and I also love the peachy color it gives my lips. I'd love to try other colors from the series as well! Just need an additional $40 from somewhere.

Have you tried lip tints yet? Would you like to try this one?


  1. you're so pretty! ^^ the package is so cute :D

  2. The packaging for this is too cute! But I'd rather have an awesome product rather than cute packaging. You look really nice with it on! I just ordered the Tony Moly lip tint in red apple off of Ebay. Super excited to get it.

    1. Well the product is okay as well but it doesn't have all the moisurizing and healing effects some other lip tints do :/

  3. Milky Peach looks really good :)

  4. The packaging of this product looks so cute!! The colour looks very nice on you too.


  5. looks really pretty!!!


  6. amaaaazing review, I want them all now :))

  7. Really cool review, I wan't to try them all :-)

  8. The packaging is adorable! I'm also loving this lip trend at the moment, it looks so cute :D

  9. Looks great :) Would love to try milky pink!

  10. the package still looks like Park Bom on 2NE1s album cover :D:D nevertheless it's a pretty color

    1. That's because they are drawn by the same person! :)

  11. Wow, the effect of that layering technique looks really good on you; you look super dolly and pretty! ^^


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