SKINFOOD Real Eyelashes

Today I'll be reviewing 3 pairs of SKINFOOD eyelashes. Based on first impression I actually liked lashes No. 1 the best but I thought the review would be much cooler if I got them all

A close up of the case:

Beautiful details! The cases are also very easy to open and close. They are re-closable (if that's a word) so once you have opened them you can close them and they wont come open by itself. You can take them anywhere in your bag without having to worry about the package coming open.

It's hard to explain with a picture but I tried:

I used same lenses for all the make-up pictures so you wont be influenced by them and can compare the lashes only. :)

Style No. 1

This style is actually very familiar to me since the lashes look exactly like one of my most used lashes from Seppälä. However these don't have any annoying decorative crystals on them so that's a plus. 

And as expected these turned out to be my favourite pair of the series! What can I say, I have tried so many different false lashes in my life I already know which ones I will like before even trying them on.

I know people are allowed to have their own opinion, but I swear these are the prettiest lashes ever! I really love how they look on me. :)

Style No. 2

These were my least favourite style of the series. I mean, they do look nice especially up close but...they are just too thin for my liking. (Full face view.) However, I belive for those who prefer more natural make-up styles these are pretty useful!

Style No. 3

These are quite interesting! I've never worn lashes like that before, they are short but very thick! I'm not very used to lashes this short, however they do give your eyes a thick eyeliner look. (Full face view)

Which pair is your favourite?? :)

The glue

Lastly I belive you are also interested in the lash glue included. I mean it's always better to get an extra glue that works well even if you do buy them in bigger tubes from somewhere else.

This glue was really good! And belive me - when I say a lash glue is good then it really is! I have tried so many of them in my life I'm allowed to call myself an expert on falsies and lash glues, haha. 

It's also really convenient to re-apply the glue if one corner of your lashes happens to be loose. You don't even have to remove the lashes, just quickly fix them using this slick.

Overall thoughts

I'd say the lashes are great for their price and I've no complaints regarding the quality! Their lash bone is quite thick but it's very flexible! They hold in curved shape and conform to the contour of the lash line so it's easy to apply them. I also like the lash glue included and the cases which make carrying the lashes with you really convenient.


  1. I love the first one the most too!
    And I maybe need to try out the glue, I got a good one, though, but I'm happy to find more good lash-glues!
    Thanks for thr review <3

    1. I don't think the glue is available seperately tho! :O

  2. Kolmandad ripsmed on supernunnud, aga sinu stiiliga väga vist ei sobi. Kunagi kui ma ripsmepikendustest ära tüdinen siis vb isegi telliks, aga alumised jätaks värvimata.
    Muidu sa võiksid kirjutada ka tellimisest ja postikuludest!
    Ja ma soovitaks sulle, et maini vähem seda et sa need kõik asjad tasuta saad. Ma arvan, et sa võiksid pigem jätta mulje, nagu sa lihtsalt ostsid need või jäta üldse mainimata kuidas sa need said. See jätab natuke mulje, nagu sa lihtsalt punnitaksid neid reviewe kirjutada, et aina uusi tasuta asju saada :D

    Muidu väga head postitused ja tore blogi :) Tubli oled!

    1. Ma vaatasin ka, et alumised ripsmed on poole pikemad, haha, aga harjumusest värvisin ära :D
      Ja tänan soovituste eest, üritan meeles pidada! :) Tegelikult mulle muidugi meeldib neid kirjutada, eriti kui saab proovida asju, mida muidu jumala eest osta ei julgeks :D

  3. Oh, I think I actually like style 3 the most! I am not such a fan of super long lashes. My natural lashesr are already quite long, buts uper think, so lashes that are short, but veery full seem the most appealing to me.

    I did not even know Skinfood made lashes! O.o

    1. Yea, they look quite natural but very thick! *O*

      I didn't either, lol! :D

  4. Have you ever tried lash growth serums?
    I have worn falsies only once in my life, when a japanese stylist put them on me ;). I felt they were falling off really easily and that's why I didn't try falsies again. Maybe I need a better glue.


    1. I am actually in the middle of testing out one right now! But even if it does work I'll continue to use falsies because I like how each pair gives my eyes a different shape and look.

      It usually takes some time to get used to falsies, when I first started wearing them I had to fix the glue often, but later on not so much! :D

    2. I use Talika growth serum (I never tried the medical stuff like NeuLash, RevitaLash etc) and for me it works pretty good. Yuppy I know there's still difference between how natural lashes and falsies look.

      I would like to weal falsies to some parties etc but I'm a lazy bum ;D Maybe I will just try to put them on sometime and see if they stay or if they go ;)

    3. Well you should definitely try! but they probably wont stay on for long at first! :D

  5. The false eyelashes always look so attractive!


    1. I agree, that's why I wear them on all of my photos! :D

  6. all of them look fab!
    can't wait to see you on my blog!

  7. Look lovely for an evening out or a special event!:)

  8. Nice falsies! I'm searching for other ones cause
    I've always bought cheap ones that really looked fake'ish.

    New outfit post : Follow

    1. These probably look fakeish or well at least not natural, but I've had cheap lashes that look natural as well! At least on me. :D

  9. I agree, I like the first one too! That style is quite popular at the moment. Though I do like No.3, although they're short they look natural too so you can wear it everyday.


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