Circle Lens Review: EOS Bubble Brown 14.5mm

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Hello everyone ~ 

Big thanks to Iszo Circle Lens for sponsoring this review! They were actually kind enough to send me two pairs of circle lenses and let me pick out the color I'd like to try so you'll see I.Fairy Keizen Brown reviewed later.

About the shop: The word Iszo stands for It's all, so the meaning of the shop's name would be it's all about circle lens.

They also offer free lens cases as well as free shipping worldwide for every order.

What I got:

2 pairs of lenses and a circle lens travelling kit. I opened the box before taking the picture that's why it looks like that.

Packaging: Apart from secured envelope with bubble wrap inside, my lenses were also in two gift bags which had bubble wrap inside them. There can never be too much bubble wrap, right? :D

The travelling kit was sent to me as an apology gift. They sent those free to all their customers while they were out of super cute lens cases they usually send with their orders. I think that was very nice of them and I really like my travelling kit! 

I especially love the small bottle for lens solution as I often buy the biggest bottle available and when I'm travelling it takes up so much space in my bag x.x

However the kit also has two gadgets I find totally unnecessary. Does anyone really use them?

Left one is ment for putting the lens in your eye and right one for getting the lens out of its case. I usually just wash my hands and use my fingers for everything as it is much easier. I mean, putting the left thing near your eye is actually quite scary, haha.

Lens info

Brand: EOS
Diameter : 14.5mm
Base Curve : 8.6mm
Lens' Lifetime : 1 Year Disposable
Water Content: 38%
Labelled by: DollyEye / Douceurs

I've already tried a couple of EOS lenses before and so far I've had no complaints. It's one of the most recognized circle lens brands available that has been around since 2002. 

This time I'm trying EOS Bubble Brown, which in my opinion, has nothing to do with bubbles, hehe.

The lens basically has only one color - light brown. If you look closely you can see a slightly darker and very thin outer line. As they are so light it's really hard to tell whether the lens is upside down or not, especially in real life. Here on the picture it seems more obvious I guess.

On me they look quite weird, but I'm guessing blue and green lenses from the same series would look really cool! :D If I ever have a change I'll try them out. 

See? My eyes naturally have two tones already so adding third random color isn't the smartest thing to do. It does look better with make-up tho - everything does, lol.

I think light lenses look really cute on dark eyed people tho so I'm determined to find out whether light green or blue will work for me or not.

Anyway, still took a few camwhore shots even tho I look a bit creepy, haha :D I guess they'll be useful for some looks tho.

Comfort wise these aren't the most comfortable lenses either as they can be quite dry sometimes.

Anyway, even tho I didn't really like this pair of lenses, i still recommend you to check out as they offer free shipping worldwide and lots of lenses to choose from!

As mentioned before there's one more review coming up from this store!

Thank you for reading! I really appreciate each and every one of you ^^


  1. Looks a bit creepy on blue eyes XD I hate that almost every pair of circle lenses are made for brown eyes -.-

    1. Yeah, some of them look good tho~~ I guess we just have to be careful when picking them out. :D

  2. aww what a cute case. i think these actually look great on you. more interesting than creepy. i think circle lenses always look interesting on people with blue eyes.

    xx rae
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    1. I'm glad to hear you think so! I probably saved the look with my make-up tho! I swear they do look creepy without make-up! :D

  3. Those look pretty odd on your eyes but in an interesting way!I can't wait to see the keizen brown review!I have the blue...and I sort of don't like them.

    1. Really? I actually did like them! haha, should check your blog to see what blue ones look like!

  4. xD I personally find that the bubble series looks weird on everyone's eyes haha. I love your eye makeup though!


    1. Really? Well I haven't seen them on anyone before >w<;
      Thank you! :)

  5. You look supercute on these pictures~! ^o^

  6. I actually quite like this on lighter coloured eyes! It looks really pretty (my opinion though haha) :D Prettyy!

  7. Mismoodi sa need läätsed reviewimiseks said? küsisid sealt või tegid ise pakkumise? :)

  8. i've found your blog randomly but i'm happy to found it :DD ! I love the way you wear those circle lens :3 !! your blog is very cool!! i've suscribed !! :)


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