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From my recent reviews it might seem like I'm using Korean make-up only, but it's not like that at all. I'm also using many drugstore cosmetics as well as cosmetics ordered from another webstores.

A few weeks ago I received a little package from Naturaalkosmeetika which is an European retailer of Everyday Minerals cosmetics. Don't be intimidated by their store name which is in Estonian - the site can also be viewed in English and they ship all around Europe. Ever since Everyday Minerals official webstore stopped shipping their products to smaller countries, Naturaalkosmeetika.ee is a great place to still comfortably purchase Everyday Minerals products!

I was really excited to try their products as I had seen many beauty bloggers talk about them before!

The items I was provided with.

Why Everyday Minerals?

Everyday Minerals is driven by the urge to help women feel beautiful by creating products that contain only the finest essential ingredients. Their products are organic, vegan and eco-friendly. Everyday Minerals also has a wide selection of different shades available for most of their powders, concealers, etc. What is more the store Naturaalkosmeetika.ee provides cheap testers you can purchase to find out which color works the best for you!


EDM Jojoba base - Shell blanc 
Product link  12€

This is from new Jojoba series that came out this summer! The powder is amazing! It feels and looks very light on skin and doesn't cake at all while providing full coverage.

The base is called jojoba since it contains jojoba esters which provide natural moisture due to its remarkable similarity to the natural oils produced by the human skin, and have high oxidative stability.

I've seen people use mineral foundations with make-up base / moisturizer only, but I prefer to wear a light layer of bb cream under it. I've always applied my make-up super thick, so I can't really switch to light make-up base that quickly. :D

Flat Top Kabuki Brush
Product link  15.78€

So far I've only used it for my EDM base and it worked wonderfully and sheds rarely. The bristle is made of synthetical hair but is super soft nevertheless. The brush has perfect density, softness and diameter which make applying powder very enjoyable since the bristle feels so good on skin! It also does a great job blending in the powder.

Wild Flower Heaven
Product link  5.4€

Basically it's a matte cold pink blush. It looks really light on the website, but actually isn't. So I'd say that the tones on the website can be a little misleading and I suggest to google them first before buying.

The blush also has very little shimmer added to it despite being named matte blush, actually I think all matte blushes still have some shimmer in it as it will look nicer on skin that way, just not as much as shimmer blushes do.

My only complaint is that unlike the base powder the blush doesn't have a shifter to keep the powder from coming out so it looks quite messy after carrying it in my make-up pouch. Of course they both had plastic sheets on them when I first received them so you will receive them all nice and clean. :)

Finished look:

Only edited contrast and quality wise! :)


These products and many more are all available at naturaalkosmeetika.ee! For Estonian clients any purchase made before 3pm will get to you the next day! (The perks of living in a small country, lol!)

They also have a Facebook so check it out!


  1. It's a good brand, for real. Their mineral powder works as a magic trick.

  2. I don't think I have any mineral products aside from one eyeshadow. I should really try some more out. That blush looks super lovely!

    1. In that case this series is definitely worth a try! :)

  3. Wow it looks so great on you!! Very natural and pretty! X

  4. you look beautiful! and what a great product! i love makeup that is good for you and i'm a fan of kabuki brushes too :)

    1. i know right! Kabuki brushes feel soooo good on skin when they are done well! :)

  5. Looks very nice, very natural and smooth! I like the outcome :)
    x http://sparkling-sea.blogspot.com/

  6. you look so pretty yet with a natural complexion :)


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