Review - Vassen Diamond 3 Tone in Gray

This review is sponsored by LoveShoppingholics - an online store selling circle lenses, Asian make-up & other beauty products.

On the picture above is the stuff I got from them - a cute box with circle lenses, green frog lens case and a hair sheet to keep hair out of face while doing make-up. :)

The lenses I chose are somewhat different from what I usually wear.

Origin: Korea 
Diameter: 14.5mm 
Water Content: 42% 
Base Curve: 8.6mm 
Life Span: 1 year disposal

The color itself isn't particularly special - from far they look pretty much what all gray lenses look like. They are quite dark though, so they kinda give your eyes the dolly eye effect as well.

I love the diamond-like design! Giving it 4/5 since they don't really blend in with blue eyes but I already knew it once I picked them out. The design is less obvious indoors but still shows off great. Whether you like them or not depends on your personal preference, though.

Maybe it's only me but my eyes got a bit red after wearing them for a while and I managed to once rub the lens out of my eye after feeling some dryness. So I'm guessing these aren't the most comfortable lenses out there.

For 14.5mm the enlargement is very good! Probably because the lenses look so dark in the eye.

Friendly & helpful staff. All the e-mails I got were very nice and polite. :)

I highly recommend you to visit! They have a wide selection and prescriptions from plano to -10! There's also a discount code on my sidebar. :)


  1. Cool review! Thanx!
    don't forget about my blog

  2. Those lenses are so cute! They suits to you very well! Greetings from Finland! (:

  3. wow (((゜д゜;))) cool
    looks really good, quite different as normal lenses

  4. When I saw those sweet boxes, I just knew: It is from SHOPPINGHOLICS! Their service is unbeatable! Very friendly and quick!

    The lenses look adorable. really cool :D
    They match perfect to your eye colour ^^

    1. I've also seen the hairclip on many blogs but I'm not sure if they include it with regular orders as well?? Anyway, it's been one of my favourite stores even before I got sponsored! :)

  5. Those look so cool! I really like your reviews and blog and I really wish that you would write in English again soon, or even do a small translation in every post. :>

    1. aw, I had no idea people feel that way ;___; I'll try to figure something out! :)

  6. So pretty. The lenses are very suiting :)

  7. oh wow cool lenses~
    ive got that this to catch the bang too just in pink not blackXD

  8. Oh my goodness, you look SUPER pretty and your skin is soooo flawless! You should be a model!! hehe... btw I really love the site, loveshoppingholics, they always add freebies + cute box!

    1. aw, thank you very much ;3
      I love the site too, I'm happy to have them as my sponsors :)


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