Circle Lens Review: EOS Candy in Blue

Origin: Korea
 Diameter: 14.5mm
 Water Content: 38%
 Base Curve: 8.6mm
 Life Span: 1 year disposal

EOS Candy lenses are also available in violet, green, gray, brown and pink. I've already tried these lenses in pink, so I was super excited to find out how blue will look on me. I love the effect EOS Candy series give my eyes, and surely blue should look even better on me. (Back then I didn't get to choose the color).

The lenses look bright blue on light eyes like mine, on darker colored eyes like brown or hazel the blue comes off a little bit darker as well. I don't think I would rate the coloring 5/5, though, since they obviously aren't the bluest lenses out there.

I adore the lenses design-wise! Definitely one of the best looking lenses for light eyed people. The blue blends into my own eyecolor so well and the overall look of the lenses is quite alluring as well. The dark outer ring makes them a bit unnatural but that's what I like about them. However, I do advice you to put on  some eye make-up or at least define your eyebrows when wearing them.

I'd say the enlargement is great for 14.5. The lenses already have such an outstanding design that the diameter doesn't really need to be any bigger to look cute.

The comfort is good as well - don't really have anything to complain about. I can usually wear these lenses for 12 hours without feeling any discomfort. (I know you are not supposed to wear lenses over 8 hours, but that's kind of impossible to do, if you are wearing them to work or school.)


These are one of the best looking lenses I've tried for a while and they are also my favourite and most worn lenses at the moment!


  1. Looks really pretty and natural by being kinda simple. I like it. (*´・v・)

  2. I feel like this series looks the best when the color is paired with one's natural eye color. This seriously looks so so beautiful on your eyes!It blends so nicely.

    1. I guess so! My own eyecolor is actually more green than blue in the very center near the pupil, but blue is still the dominant color so ^^

  3. you look cute! :3
    the blue us really intense and suits your beautifully white skin~

    1. Sometimes I think my skin is too pale, though >w<

  4. Ooh, they're a really gorgeous lens! I personally really love the colour! ^^
    But it sound just about perfect minus that one star! ^^

  5. ooooh....the color blends in naturally with your natural eye color, and it's reaaaally pretty I swear x____x lucky you having such a great jewel like eye color, me waaant >.<~~~ ♥


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