Makeup Review: Etude House Lash Perm 3 Step Volumecara

Today I'm going to review the cutest mascara I own - Etude House 3 step Volumecara. The product was sponsored by If you look at the store you can see the it in the 'top selling' section. :) I didn't really need a new mascara, but I'm always ready to try new Etude House's products.

Honestly, I hadn't heard about this product before *o* But the 3 step system seemed like something worth trying.

The product claims to make your lashes look dollish and the 3 step system allows you to choose what kind of result you'd like - natural or dramatic. So, you are supposed to turn the pink part of the product, apply mascara and turn it to next step again. After every step there's more mascara on the brush. It's a bit time consuming, but right now I'm using two different mascaras anyway, so time is really not a problem for me, haha. Even when I'm doing light make-up and wearing no eyeshadows/eyeliner I still apply two coats of mascara. Oh well... :D

I love how cute and tiny the product is!

Step 1 and step 3.

After step 1.

After step 2.

After trying the product a few times, I realised 3 steps is a bit too much for me and makes my lashes look clumpy. But it looks nice after step one and two. Or you could just use step two or three alone - there are so many variations to try! The result might be different for someone else though. So in conclusion I would still suggest you to try out all steps at first.

More Etude House products can be found at! They have free shipping worldwide & prices lower than on Ebay! So do check them out ;3


  1. So pretty! They make your lashes look so long~~

  2. I'm happy I'm Finnish, because of that I can understand a little bit of what you write!:D
    I would love to try this mascara>-<

    1. Well i'm glad to hear you are interested in my blog ^^

  3. I absolutely adore the packaging! :O and you have such long pretty lashes! :)

    Metallic Paws

    1. Thank you! I'm not a big fan of natural eyelashes at all, though, and always put on falsies when there's enough time. :))


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