Makeup Review: Miss Pupa Lipsticks

From leht: 103 Naturally Nude ; 500 Love Pearly Red ; 601 Pearly Caramel ; 604 Elite

The lipsticks have a gelee like smooth texture and are semi-transparent. They remind me of lip balms a little but compared to lip balms they leave a much prettier crystal effect on your lips. 

In my opinion, they are perfect for summer - semi transparent colors go well with light make-up and what is more, the lipsticks have SPF 15 :)

Photo taken outside under direct sunlight:


1:Naturally Nude / 2:Love Pearly Red / 3:Pearly Caramel / 4:Elite

On my lips the 3 beige tones look quite similar to each other. The tone difference was definitely more visible on my hand. Keep in mind since it's a semi-transparent lipstick the result may vary according to your natural lip tone.

Love Pearly Red looks more like pink. But pink is nice! So of course for summer it's my favourite tone out of these 4.

In Estonia the lipsticks cost 13.75€ at Ideaal Kosmeetika. There are 30 shades available, so take your time picking your favourite! I'll definitely go have a look of their other shades too.

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