Innisfree Olive Real Skin

Innisfree Olive Real Skin is basically a toner which's main ingredient is organic extra virgin olive oil. In case you didn't know, instead of cleansing, Asian toners are meant to be used after washing the face to prepare it for what comes next.

Description: Enriched with the best quality of organic extra virgin olive oil from Crete Island. Olive Real deeply nourishes skin and retains moisture for healthy rediant skin.

The product is still quite new to me but I liked it from the first try. It smells good and the product's description doesn't lie! It's a big 180ml bottle of moisturizing goodness. There's really nothing not to like!

I'm not sure if I'll ever finish it, though. After a month of using the product I've only managed to use up 1cm at the top.

The packaging of the product is very sophisticated and well done. Only a little bit of the product comes out at a time.

The cap has Innisfree's logo on it.

The product itself is rather thick. You can apply it using fingers or cotton pads - whichever you prefer. In general I think the most common way of applying Asian toners is to apply it on your palm, gently rub your palms together so you get product on both of your palms and tap it all over your face.

This is actually my very first product from Innisfree. All their products are natural and eco friendly so I wonder why I haven't tried them before! Actually, there are so many great skincare brands from Korea I can't even choose which one is my favourite.

Where to buy?

It's sold for $13 at Amazon

Have you tried Innisfree yet?


  1. I have tried the innisfree green tea serum and i think its good. For this product, do u use it as a toner or emulsion? Im interested in getting this product too. :)

    1. I used it as a toner and applied it with cotton pads :)


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