Makeup Review: MAC Cremesheen Glass in Private Party

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Last week I received my monthly MAC goodies to review. I didn't have photoshop for a while, so this review is kinda belated now :X

This time the products are part of MAC Divine Night Holiday Collection released this November and I must say they are very appealing for winter make-up.

Private Party is one of the four new & limited edition shades in Divine Night Cremesheen Glasses collection. The tone is described as "Plum Mauve with pearl". Since plum lips were big last fall I suppose the trend will be seen a lot this fall as well.
Product information at
2.7 ml / 0.09 US fl oz
US$22.00 / 16,30€
*It's no news, but the actual retail price outside US is always a bit more than what it shows on their website.

Private party also seems to be the most popular shade out of the lot since it's already sold out at It has a plummy tone with light pearl shimmer. I must say, I like it a lot. :) Anything shiny and glittery goes well with the holiday season ahead.

The product itself has a sheer formula that is a breeze to apply. That also might be the reason why the cremesheen glasses haven't scored high in terms of longevity.

Not gonna lie, since they only contain 2.7ml of the product, $22 is a bit pricey for a lipgloss. An ordinary lipgloss usually contains around 4-7ml and costs less or is around the same price. Even when compared to other MAC lipglosses the price for a ml is still high.

In conclusion, I do like my Cremesheen Glass in Private Party and will probably use it a lot during winter. But you do need to consider the price before buying one. If you like the shade, there's probably a dupe around for a better price.

So, what do you think about this shade? And for all the dupe hunters - have you seen anything to replace this with?
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  1. love the color!! its perfect for fall!! <33

  2. Thank you for the comment! I also think so~~

  3. I've seen your blog before but I could never find a bloglovin button so I just searched it this time on google :p
    Your eyebrows are GORGEOUS. I loveee eyebrows <3

  4. Aww, thanks! :D
    Now that you mention it I really don't have a bloglovin button here! :o Or my blog's facebook page one..... I used to have them but they probably got lost in the progress of installin my new theme *o* I'll see if I can put them up again~~


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