Energising face cream for winter!

Since winter is officially here, it's time to share a newly discovered skin care product that keeps my skin soft and moisturised in the cold weather - Avon Naturals Energising Face Cream with Carrot & Sunflower.

The product was actually sponsored by Avon Estonia, but it's one of the few products I picked out myself. To be honest, carrot as an ingredient of a skin care product doesn't sound weird to me at all. Rather it makes me want to try the product more, since it's unusual.

And guess what?

Carrot is considered one of the most therapeutic skin and hair care oils, with high amounts of natural carotene.

But lets not forget about sunflower extract which is an all natural, healthy way to heal skin and maintain its health.

 75ml of product costs 4,20€ here in Estonia. (Right now on sale for 2,79€!)

I love it's lightweight creamy formula! On the photo it looks a lot like whipped cream, don't you think?

Using Avon’s energising face cream has been a pleasant experience so far. Applying my primer is a breeze after moisturizing my skin with the cream. Even if you don't want to apply make-up right after using face cream, it absorbs quite fast so you won't feel uncomfortable doing whatever you need to do.

The scent of the product is also pretty neutral and probably won't bother anyone.

I guess it's too early to say whether it lives up to it's name "energising" (I'm afraid the actual consistency of carrot & sunflower might be a bit too small), but it's a decent face cream with an affordable price.

Carrot & Sunflower cream is the newest face cream in Avon Naturals face cream collection available in their Christmas catalog now!

What are your thoughts on Avon's products?
Have you tried any of these face creams before? 


  1. Otsingi just endale talveks uut näokreemi! Aga selline küsimus, et kas seda saaks kuskilt poest ka või ainult kataloogist tellides? :)

  2. Tallinnas saab Avoni toodetega tutvuda ka nende ilukeskuses (http://www.avon.ee/PRSuite/beautycenters.page), aga üldiselt poodides neid eraldi müügil pole, seega tuleb kaupa tellida kas nende klienditeeninduse või müügiesindaja kaudu. :)


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