My most used make-up right now!

Despite of what it may look like, I don't use a lot of make-up on a daily basis. Which means I never finish most of my products and just throw them away once they expire... 

Luckily I don't buy much make-up either.

However, my make-up products still keep piling up. I wanted to do a proper make-up collection post, but realized it might take up too much of my precious time, since I probably want to swatch everything I haven't reviewed on this blog, etc. 

So for now, here's a most used make-up post.

Avon  Luxe Miracle Perfecting Foundation SPF 10 (Porcelain)
I'm still in the middle of testing it out, but so far so good. It's easy to achieve natural and flawless-looking complexion with this foundation. I guess I should use a bit of concealer under my eyes as well, but I don't and there is no apparent reason.

I haven't had the need to do much touching up when using Miracle Perfecting foundation, but I guess for working people it would be ok to wear it to work and touch up once you are done with work.(Basically 9 hours after applying or so.)

Avon Rose Kisses Lip Gloss (Passion)
How could I possibly not use a product that has such a cute packaging?

Avon Luxe Volume Extravagance Mascara (Caviar Black)
Recently received this with a bunch of other PR samples and I like it! I had just used up my favourite mascara and in my opinion it beats my remaining MAC mascara so I started using this one right away.

MAC Fluidline (Stares & Speculation)
It's a beautiful color of dirty olive with golden pearl from MAC Holiday 2013 collection. I've discovered that wearing a really thick line of that is a lot easier than wearing eyeshadows + black eyeliner. So on a usual day I would wear only that with mascara and maybe false eyelashes if I have time.

I use it with an incredibly cheap make-up brush I got from Born Pretty Store. It probably wont work if you are looking to draw a thin eyeliner line, but for me it's perfect.

Nothing too bright, but I've got both matte and glitter blushers.

Up left: Avon Luxe Glitz Shimmer Powder (Rose Aura)
Up right: Peripera Smile Fit Blusher (No.2 Vanilla Pink)
Down: Buff'd Cosmetics - Velvet Matte Blush (Playful)

Lip products
Of course I also like variety so I use different lipglosses/lipsticks on different days. I just listed the cutest & newest one above.

These are from MAC and PUPA. 

Now I'm thinking if I should get more dark colored lipsticks since the ones I have right now are a lipglass & a semi transparent PUPA lipstick. Hmmm....

In case I do decide to use some eyeshadows, I usually grab these. I like to use nude/natural colors in my make-up, for some reason gray & black don't appeal to me at all.

Left to right
NYX Eyeshadow (ES130A Golden Amber)
Etude House Sweet Recipe Cupcake Eyes (BR402 Chocochip Sweet Mint)
RiRi ♥ MAC EyeShadow Palette (Her Cocoa)

That's all for this make-up post, if you're keen on any of the products, you could try looking up whether I have reviewed them before. Or you could just ask me!

Till the next!

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