Cap - Romwe / Chiffon shirt & leggings - Ebay / Boots - Chicnova

Happy February! The white chiffon shirt on these photos might be my favourite purchase from ebay ever. Compared to my Bershka shirt it actually has a better quality. I guess I just got lucky since there's really no way of telling what has good quality and what doesn't when it comes to Ebay.

Although you can't see the whole outfit well on the photos, I like how these boots spice up even the simplest outfit. They are a hassle to put on & get off, though, but it's worth it.


  1. Cute make up and I do love the hat!


  2. Lovely makeup and plain outift - really like the combi (* >ω<)
    (and I love the cap!)

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  4. Yuku - I'd prefer if you said "simple" instead of "plain", haha :D But thanks! ^3^ I also think that almost any outfit looks good with cute make-up~~


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