MAC Sweet Heat Extra Dimension Eyeshadow: Swatch & Comparison!

Rather than just reviewing this one eyeshadow, I thought I could use it to introduce my favourite eyeshadow series in general. Since they all act pretty much the same in terms of color payoff, longevity, etc.

I do hope my readers are familiar with MAC's Extra Dimension series. MAC first launched them in 2012 and they have appeared in many of their Limited Edition collections ever since. I myself have only owned three products from the series, but judging from various reviews I must say I'm a big fan of all these products! Just looking at the photos makes me fall in love with these shiny eyeshadows!

Ok, so I may have used the eyeshadow once before taking the photo -.-' The text showed up a lot better at first.... :(

'Sweet Heat' is an unique eyeshadow that has a beautiful sheen. The tone is gorgeous and is described as soft peachy pink. It's similar to MAC's Extra Dimension Skinfinish in 'Superb', so it can easily be used as a bronzer/highlighter as well! (Depending on your skin tone.) 'Superb' was extremely popular and is probably sold out everywhere now, so it's a nice MAC dupe for it. :)

Here's why I love 'Sweet Heat':
  • Looks good on all skin tones.
  • Can easily be layered for more intensity.
  • Super easy to blend.
  • Lasts all day without creasing.
PS! All Extra Dimension eyeshadows can also be applied wet, but I have never tried that out myself.

Right now, I'm using 'Sweet Heat' for light daily make-up all over my lid. Applying it once is enough for that. It really blends in so well! If you start from the lid there's no need apply it for a second time.

Btw, I read a review saying 'Sweet Heat' looks orange on pale skin...Oh really, I have pale skin and it still looks rosy, no?

MAC Extra Dimension Eyeshadows in 'Divine Blue' & 'Sweet Heat'.

I think it's actually a nice combination, haha.


From left to right: Buff'd Cosmetics 'Shy'; MAC 'Sweet Heat'; Cheap eyeshadow from Ebay; Etude House caked eyeshadow.

I actually thought 'Sweet Heat' would look more similar to these two loose eyeshadows. On the first photo Etude House's eye shadow looks very off like it's in the wrong place.

In terms of shimmer, MAC Extra Dimension is definitely the winner. You could say that it outshines all the other eyeshadows on the photo.

Etude House's eyeshadow is almost equal in longevity, but it's not as easy to apply & blend.

'Sweet Heat' is now part of MAC's permanent collection and can be purchased from Nordstrom for 19,50€.

Do you have any Extra Dimension Eyeshadows/Skinfinishes in your make-up collection?


  1. The color looks really pretty, I have always knew that Mac eye shadow is really pigmented and good. But I never bought any of them yet... maybe I really should try them out <3

    btw your blog is really pretty, following you <3

  2. Yomi - Right? We all keep hearing that from somewhere! :D But you should definitely try them out, there are so many shades too, I'm sure you would find something you like! :3

    && Thank you! I actually like your blog too! :D

  3. Väga lahe arvustus, minul tekkis küll nende vastu huvi nüüd. :)

  4. Elisabeth - Ainult sellest on kahju, et esiteks tulevad kõik uued tooted Ameerikas ja Kanadas palju varem välja + kuigi seal on palgad meist umbes 4 korda suuremad on MACi hinnad seal tegelikult odvamad või samad :D Aga rõõm kuulda, et sulle arvustus meeldis! :)


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