SUPER LOVERS & ordering from Rakuten

Lately, I feel like every time I talk about something that is common sense to me, I still need to point out what it actually is. But then again, isn't that what blogging is all about? 

So here it goes again. SUPER LOVERS is a clothing brand from Japan. 

Photos from their store in Harajuku.
They basically sell Japanese street fashion. A lot of interesting clothing, harem pants, tutu skirts and children's clothing as well. 

And like many other Japanese clothing brands, they have an online store on Rakuten

Ordering from there is slightly different, but still quite easy. First you make an order like you usually would in any online store. Then they send you an email saying how much shipping would be and you have to confirm it. The only downside is that they still charge you for the shipping before you know how much it is, but if you're not okay with it you should be able to get it back.

Anyway, that being said, me & my son now also have some clothing straight from the streets of Harajuku!! :)

This skirt was actually a part of 3 item clothing set, but it was my favourite item from it. 

Ironically, no, this shirt wasn't bought with 'cash from papa', haha. 

I think me and Travis would look nice wearing our clothes together. Although, in reality I wouldn't be wearing heels. So I'm sorry if my photos are misleading like that.

Anyway, if you have any further questions about ordering from rakuten, feel free to contact me! :)


  1. Minu meelest on see väga lahe, et sa tutvustasid meile mingil määral võõrast firmat. :)
    Ma olen alati jaapanlaste moest lugu pidanud, see on väga julge ja omapärane.
    Väga ilus oled ja lapse asjad on ka hästi vahvad. :)


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