Guest post: The Things a Girl Just Can’t Do Without

There are some things which girls like, some things which girls need and some things which some girls just cannot live without – okay, not all girls, but I did say some girls.

Top of the list has to be her cell phone, never mind girls, I don’t think many boys would get very far without their cell phones either. Long gone are the days when a cell phone was something which was actually used to make calls and speak to other people – these days the cell phone is used for texting, listening to music, surfing the internet, checking out the sports scores, watching movies, taking photos / videos, finding your way around a new town and keeping up to date with the latest gossip on various social networks. No wonder so many people won’t leave home without it – they’d probably get lost and never find their way back again.

Other things which some girls can’t do without include; 

• A great circle of friends – people to gossip with, people to tell them if their bum really does look big and a shoulder to cry on if their love life goes pear-shaped.
• Their Mom – what girl could do without her Mom? Okay, Dad’s are kind of important too . . . let’s change that to “their parents”.
• A fabulous hairdresser – someone who doesn’t mind when she takes in a photograph of the latest celebrity hairstyle even though it’s a million miles from the realms of possibility.
• A good supply of chocolate . . . and red wine!
• Bath kit – to include giant sponge and even more giant bubbles.
• Scrumptious body cream to rub in all over after a gorgeous bubble bath . . . and maybe even someone special to rub it in for her.
• A ton of makeup – including the latest shades, nail polish, false eyelashes, spray on tattoos and a fabulous makeup brushes set.
• Makeup bag / case – well, a large makeup case for home use and a collection of makeup bags for taking in her handbag wherever she goes.

• Hair styling equipment – including hair dryer, straighteners, tongs, brushes, clips, scrunchies, badges . . . you name it!
• Shoes – and plenty of them. Some girls actually love beautiful shoes so much that they buy pairs of the wrong size with no intentions of ever wearing them . . . just to look at them.

• An understanding boss – a great boss can make all the difference to a girl’s happiness.
• Plenty of sleep – sleep is important for so many different reasons, especially to teenage girls.
• Bling – you know the stuff, the bigger and the shinier the better . . . although some girls prefer just one, solitary diamond on their wedding finger.
• Clothes – and plenty of them. The latest fashions are very important to some girls although less important to others . . . the girls who are not quite so interested in fashion may need something else in their life . . .
• Horses – yep, lots of girls love horses and wouldn’t dream of trying to survive without them.

Check out The Salon Outlet and you’ll find lots of things which some girls just can’t do without – although I think you’ll have to search elsewhere for things like parents, horses and hairdressers. They do have a fabulous line of hair care and makeup products to choose from. Why not go and take a look, you might be surprised at what you find there.

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