Review: MAC Prep+Prime CC Colour Correcting SPF 30 in Neutralize

This spring MAC updated their Prep+Prime line with new CC creams!

What are they?

"A multitasking formula that evens skin tone, increases luminosity and inhibits oily shine while protecting from harmful UVA/UVB rays. This moisturizing primer also keeps skin fresh and hydrated throughout the day." (From

Sounds good, right? They come in 4 shades and are available now in permanent collection!

Neutralize - Yellow
Illuminate - Lavender
Adjust - Beige
Recharge - Apricot

I only have one shade to review & swatch, though, but I used MAC Prep + Prime Fortified Skin Enhancer in 'Illuminate' before I got this, so at least I can somewhat compare these two shades. (They are almost the same product, MAC just added more colors and upgraded them!)

These cc creams are very sheer. Instead of covering up they are supposed to erase colors from your skin like photoshop.

The tone 'Neutralize' is great for those whose skin is prone to redness.

As seen on this photo, the product does it's job quite well. Usually, my hands look red on close-up shots. While there is only a sheer coat of it on my hand, this color corrector blocks out all the red and some blue as well. The product applies smooth and even, but it definitely looks a bit yellow, so you are supposed to apply foundation (or whichever product you prefer) on it and be careful about how much yellow you put on your face.

While it can't be called a concealer, it helps to reduce blue/dark circles around eyes as well.

But lets forget about color correcting for a second - it's a decent primer, too! The tone yellow will not be visible later, but I feel like I was more comfortable with using 'Illuminate' all over my face.

Although, I actually think 'Neutralize' and 'Illuminate' are both useful in their own way - not something I couldn't live without, but I like to use a primer before foundation anyway. They help a lot when you are aiming for a light and natural looking make-up since you don't have to use a massive amount of foundation to block out the colors.

Have you tried any of these yet?


  1. Has a yellow tone and that kind of shade doesn't match with my skin tone on me but looks like a nice cc cream.xx

    1. It's not supposed to match your skin tone as its color corrector

  2. Pretty packaging! And the shade you got looks somewhat like Bobbi brown bb cream ^^ it does seem great it color correcting and primer :D thank you for sharing the review~

  3. Im not really up to date with Bobbi Brown, but it seems lime every major make-up brand (including Korean brands) released color correctors this sping. :o

  4. kuidas sa firmad ennast sponsoreerima saad? saadad kirja neile v ise pakuvad v mis asja?

  5. Mu korterikaaslane ostis CC Cream'i kui ta jaapanis käis ja talle hullult meeldib, tema oma on täiesti halli värvi ja peale kandmisel muutub täpselt nahatooniks. :D

  6. Anonymous - Mõlemat pidi töötab see asi. Firmad väga tihti otsivad ise blogijaid, kes nende tooteid reklaamiks, pakuvad tooteid, poekrediiti või isegi ülekannet paypali kontole. :) Tihti näen ma, et blogidel, mida ma jälgin, on täpselt samad sponsorid, mis mul. Firmale on kasulik, kui nende nimi korraga mitmes kohas ilmub ja nii nad siis teevad blogihaardeid, vms, :D Paljudel poodidel on aga olemas eraldi link koos tingimustega, et kandideerida saaksid.

  7. Signe - Tundub lahe, aga kuidas ta katvus on? :D Need MACi omad siin käivad pigem jumestuskreemi/bb kreemi alla, aga ma nagu oleks kuulnud, et osad cc kreemid on lihtsalt uuemad bb kreemi variandid ja katavad ka.

  8. I haven't tried any of these but I love your nail art. xD

  9. Awwe~~ Well, Im glad you noticed my nail art, then! ^^


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