So this is pretty random. I was doing some fashion research for upcoming summer and decided to share it on my blog as well! 

All the scans are from Japanese magazine Vivi May 2014 issue and wow, their magazine is super thick! This issue had 356 pages.

Now, before you start reading their fashion tips & advice keep in mind that it's just a magazine and you can still wear whatever makes you happy even if it's not featured here. :)

Look at these Anna Sui nail polishes! I have never bought any and I'm not even sure where to buy them, but they look sooo pretty! *o*

 Colorful Samantha Thavasa bags that cost around 200€. :(

Next they teach you to wear one colorful accessory with simple/monotone clothes. I think a Samantha Thavasa bag would be great for this kind of look as well.

Simple shirts with logos/text are still popular & seen everywhere throughout the magazine. (For example, one photo before this!)

Pencil skirt worn with sneakers and a beanie. Although, otona girly actually means 'adult girly', to me this seems more like a mix of sporty and feminine clothing. This kind of look is also shown a lot.

Here's a list on perfume release dates in Japan. So lets see what they think is worth trying:

3/3 Lanvin "Marry Me! Love Balloons"
3/12 Marc Jacobs "Daisy Eau so Fresh" (looks so cute!)
3/12 Jimmy Choo "Flash. London Club"
3/14 Calvin Klein "One Summer 2014"
3/15 Clean "Cool Cotton"
3/15 Kenzo "Couleur Violet"
3/28 Carolina Herrera "212 Vip Rose"
One Direction "Our Moment" (This was actually released a year ago in western countries.)
4/11 Nina Ricci "La tentetion de Nina"
5/2 Juicy Couture "LaLa Malibu"

Preppy outfits.

Tucked in top, cut off denim shorts worn with pointed toe heels.

Apparently, knee length flared skirts will be popular this upcoming summer.

Cute summer clothes! Sunflower print, off shoulder tops & dresses.

They also teach that high waist shorts look best with high heels and hair accessory.

May issue is actually released in April, but I guess during summer you still need a trench coat at times. Their choice of color is beige. This was also seen everywhere in the magazine.

More "otona girly" looks. Pencil skirts, black&white, and, what did i tell you, beige trench coats! 

Would you try any of these looks/products? ^^


  1. Thank you for sharing. This issue of Vivi is awesome, all the clothes are so sweet. I must buy that sunflower skirt nowwwww ;___;

    1. Omg I need that too~~ D:
      I didn't know you like Vivi magazine! ^^

  2. Some girls are wearing this style so far, but I haven't seen very many. There are a lot of girls that have kind of a hybrid of the style, but the long skirts aren't really coming in like they expected them to. My guess is because that length of skirt makes short girls look even shorter. :p
    What's more popular are the super short a-line skirts with built-in shorts under them then tucking the same style top into them like they have shown in the magazine.
    As for the Samantha Thavasa bags, those look so nice! I usually buy Samantha Vega bags (same store really, just a bit different style) but those ones in the magazine are actually really cute!
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. It could be that! For example, I also think shorter skirts look better on me, but long skirts could only work with high heels or something.... :D
      Btw, I looked at Samantha Thavasa's homepage and they actually have really cute pastel colored bags as well! *o*


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