Circle Lens Review: Vassen Butterfly Brown & Gray

This time I was asked to review new Vassen lenses called 'Butterfly'. LoveShoppingholics kindly sent me two pairs as I said that I like brown and gray lenses the most.

As always, the package included a cute box, colorful animal lens cases & a 'thank you' card! Also you can finally see how blind I am  what my lens prescription is.

LEFT: Vassen Butterfly Gray
RIGHT: Vassen Butterfly Brown

Did you notice the butterfly print on them? :)
It doesn't show well on eyes, though, but you do see that they have an unique pattern.

Vassen Butterfly lenses have an interesting black limbal ring and the color changes into golden yellow in the center. Although on my blue eyes yellow tends to look more like green. Anyway, the lenses look quite unnatural, doesn't matter what your eye color is, and need heavy make-up to balance them out. At least that's what I think. I suppose some people would like that look, tho.

I always take at least one or two photos like this because I like how my lenses look on these. I never post them, though. But this is a lens review after all, hmm... Oh, speaking of the lenses, if you look up once again, see how cool the black ring looks on that photo. :) 

Final thoughts

I have been wearing both of these, but I prefer gray on me. They are really unique, but I don't think they are the ultimate must-have lenses, rather something you would add to your lens collection if you already have a lot. For example, I'm sure a true lens guru would want to try them out.

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  1. how cute! love the butterfly details, you look really good with the lenses ^^

  2. I love the designs on them! Would love to try those next :D
    The browns lens really stand out for you!

    ♪ R O K I S H I I ♪

    1. So you like brown better on me? :D

  3. They are both so pretty!! love them!

  4. I like them a lot and would order them in a beat but the ring is too harsh around pupils. And the water content is nice. Arghhhh I might just order them anyway. Also you are slightly more blinder than me, lol.

  5. thank god you made a review, on site they look like nothing but irl they are really gorgeous
    will probably order them despite the awful ring around pupils

  6. Well, thank you for a bunch of comments! lol
    You can see bonus photos on my instagram: (to help you decide)
    But yes, the stock photos are really blurry *o*
    Maybe that's why they have asked many bloggers to review these lenses?

  7. The diameter isn't really that big, but they have great largening effect.
    You look adorable though~~. ^^

    1. They do look huge, right? I wonder if its because my eyes are small, haha :'D (Seriously, you can never see the whole lens in my eye... :/) But since they have dark circles around them, I guess that helps too ^^
      & thank you~~ ;3

  8. The gray ones look really great on you ^^


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