Dream bags - original versus replica?

I've spent a lot of time looking at designer handbags lately. Definitely not planning to buy one, though. But the thing is - once you look at designer bags, shoes, etc you'll realize that a lot of products are actually made after them. So it's a great source for inspiration. :) And of course, there are replicas sold at Ebay and Aliexpress, too.

When it comes to make-up, I can't stand replicas, but I would consider getting a designer handbag replica. Is that weird?

Kate Spade's summer collection for 2014

I guess a replica isn't an option, if your dream is to get a certain brand bag, but if brand isn't that important you'd rather buy 4 bags instead of 1 that costs 200€, right? So lets think of all these bags as a source of inspiration.

I also did a quick search for replicas. It's interesting how some of these are in different color, but the design is exactly the same.

Replica (Possibly an older version or their own design?)

What's your take on brand replicas?
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  1. omg <3 I love Samantha Thavasa bags ^^ I think replicas are okay as long as they look good. I don't see a problem with purchasing them..and half the time people can't even tell that they're replicas!


    1. Thank you for the comment! ^o^
      I also like Samantha Thavasa bags, but the truth is, even if I decide to order one I'd have to pay sooo much for customs it's actually easier to order a replica. I wonder if those at Aliexpress look as good in real life? :3

    2. I've only ever paid for shipping..never paid for customs before so I don't know the costs.. but it does sound expensive =[. It really looks good in the pictures.. but then with online shopping you never know right? >__< Kinda like the luck of the draw..?

    3. Well the customs itself might not be that bad, but shipping from Japan is expensive too while shipping from China is free, haha :D So I guess I really need to find out more about these replicas. :P


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