MAC Alluring Aquatic Extra Dimension Eyeshadow in Soul Serenade

Oh look, another Extra Dimension eyeshadow to showcase on my blog! This one is even more special since it's from 'Alluring Aquatic' collection & has a beautiful package.

I don't actually have that much to say about this one eyeshadow - only wanted to take photos since it looks gorgeous. I mean, MAC ED eyeshadows are always great, what else to say?

The collection has 6 Extra Dimension eyeshadows and 32 products in total. What I like is that all 6 eyeshadows are neutral - well, there are dark metallic greens & purples, but they are still wearable and easy to create a look with. I can imagine many people buying these for the cute packaging, so it's a good thing they wont end up as make-up table decorations. 

I highly recommend to check out the whole 'Alluring Aquatic' collection which was released on 15th May at, 22th May at North America & later internationally! :)

Will you pick up anything from this collection?
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