Straw bags for your outdoor days!

Am I the only one out there who thinks straw bags are extremely cute summer accessories?

Of course, by 'straw bags' I meant something girly like this. You can also call them 'basket bags'.
White clothes, flower hair accessories, lace and baskets create a perfect resort feeling, don't you think?

From Liz Lisa (link to bag)

From Tralala (link to bag)

Shell shaped straw bags! Omg I can't.

From Liz Lisa (link to bag)

Ok, last one from Liz Lisa!

I don't usually wear this kind of style, but I'm totally drooling over these now. Unfortunately, it turns out cute straw bags are hard to find outside Japan. I found a few that came close but it's possible that they are actually all Liz Lisa's knock offs too.

That being said, I think I might need to start harassing someone who currently lives in Japan.

Bow Straw Cross Bag from Yesstyle (link to bag)

Pearl Sweet Tassel Straw Bag from Aliexpress (link to bag)

Liz Lisa replica from Aliexpress (link to bag)

Did you like any of these?
Which one was your favourite?
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  1. They're so cute ♡ My favourite one has to be the one with the bow covering the top (*^^*)

    1. The first one? These are great because they are so big! Thank you for your opinion~~ ^3^

  2. LOVELY! I really like it *W*!!
    The liz lisa replicas are so cute...
    <3 <3

  3. The bags are sooo cutee!! <3
    My favourite is the first one~
    omg I love Liz Lisa, but its so expensive >_<
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