Circle Lens Review: Geo Eyescream in Vanilla Brown

Imagine my surprise when another well-known circle lens store - Lens Village - contacted me. It kinda feels like writing circle lens reviews is my destiny, haha. Anyway, I gladly accepted the challenge and picked out another brown pair for myself. (One can never have enough brown lenses!) No, but honestly speaking, I felt like my search for THE perfect brown pair isn't over yet. So here it goes again.

Geo Eyescream series consists of 3 pairs: Vanilla Brown, Chocomousse & RayRay Gray. Their design is the same but colors are a bit different. Basically they are light brown, dark brown and gray. Needless to say it was very hard for me to choose between these three. I can't even explain why and how I ended up picking Vanilla Brown.

The first thing to point out about these lenses is that they perform completely different on brown & light eyes. As seen on the model photo (first picture of the post) Vanilla Brown is supposed to be light brown, but on my eyes they actually look dark? The semi-transparent yellow blends into blue & green tones, but on brown eyes it's just yellow in the center of your eye. After looking at the model photos once again (see here), I think these lenses might even look better/more natural on light eyes? It's a matter or preference, I guess.

Their enlargement effect isn't that big, though. I actually like it for a change, but if you are looking for super big lenses you might want to try something else.

By the way, these must be the most natural lenses I've reviewed in a while?  Since they fade into my own eye color and aren't very big.

Final thoughts

Overall, I think 'Vanilla Brown' was a good choice! The poor enlargement doesn't really bother me and I was extremely pleased to find out they blend into my own eye color so well. :)
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  1. (╯◕◡◕)╯❤ Omg looks beautiful on your eyes !!! So pretty Lences

  2. oh my god they really look beautiful on you! *_*

  3. Beautiful lenses and you^^

    I would be glad if you come to my blog

  4. They look really cute! And you look like a doll! *^*


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