Circle Lens Review: Princess Pinky Eclipse Green

Since my last circle lens review got such a good feedback, I got motivated to write more lens reviews again. Luckily, I was also contacted by Pinky Paradise to review their own design - Princess Pinky Eclipse lenses. :)

I chose green lenses this time, because it has been a while since I wore anything else than gray or brown.

The lenses itself are pretty cool. They remind me of Vassen Sakura Candy or EOS Bubble series a little. 

Their color isn't very bright, which is great since I personally don't like unnaturally bright eye colors on me. (That's why I wear brown or gray lenses most of the time.) But if you do like bright lenses, then these might not be for you.

As you can see they have very little pattern on them. I like how the outer line is very thin and creates an awesome lunar effect on eyes. However, the black pattern in the center kinda bothers me. It makes them look unnatural on light eye colors such as blue or green. I really wish they would blend into my eye color too... Sounds like I should become a circle lens designer myself, lol.

But seriously, if these did blend in like Vassen Sakura Candy does, then they would be the perfect lenses. Right now, I would give them 4/5. (And that's from blue-eyed person's point of view.)

The photos I took turned out quite nice, tho.

What's your opinion?
Would you give them a try?

The lenses are also available in:


  1. I would prefer them blending more as well, but at least your make up skills make them look on point and pretty. :)

    1. Aww, that's good to hear! Thank you~~ :3

  2. Woww this lens look very good on your eyes *Q*
    I don't know why it looks more blue-ish than green ^^ nice review hun!
    I like your hair :D

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  3. Lovely review!
    Hah, I'm not sure about these lenses, tbh. I've been also looking at them for a while now but just like you, I'm not sure about the inner dark ring. I also like when lenses blend with my natural eye color but moreover, I'm more into the vibrant colored, kinda unnatural looking lenses. However, I'd love to try them anyways. xD

    1. I think Sakura Candy lenses are similar but blend in better and have more vibrant colors? Although the effect is not quite the same since the outer line is thicker. :( Like seriously who do I have to contact to get a new design for us light eyes people? :D

  4. I love these lenses! I need them in pink and gray!

    1. I'm sure they would look good on you! :)

  5. Cute lens and you beautiful^^
    I would be glad if you visit my blog

  6. Thank you for making this review and for having good quality pics. :)
    I was looking for a lens review of the Eclipse Green on a light-eyed person!

    These look so nice on you!


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