Hair Tutorial: Overnight Curls

Whenever I'm getting ready for something I run out of time to do my hair. Or I'm too lazy. Always one of these two reasons. So I decided that doing my hair before going to sleep is what I should try instead. It saves time and is better for hair too!

Wake up, do your makeup and in 10 seconds your hair is ready too.

There are many ways to do overnight curls. I've tried 'french braid method' before, but this time I tried 'the bun method'.

Similarly to french braid method, your hair should be slightly wet.

Separate your hair into two sections. Take one section and twirl your hair outwards.

Use hair pins and form a bun.

Repeat steps 1 & 2 with second section (other side of your head!). So you'll have two buns in your hair. They look kinda cute, don't they?

PS! 2 buns should work for everyone. If your hair is thick the curls will be more loose. But you can try doing 4, 5 or maybe even 8 buns? Two buns is just the easiest and quickest solution. :)

The outcome was very natural looking and a bit messy on me. I kinda like how it looks like I haven't done anything with my hair.

I tried doing 4 buns to my hair too, but didn't really like it on me. My hair is too thin I guess.

Would you try it?
Perhaps you have done something similar before?
Feel free to share your experiences, I'd love to learn more hair tricks too!


  1. Mina olen ka seda moodust paar korda kasutanud(kui meeles on) ja väga armsad lokid jäävad nii. :)

  2. I love heatless hair tutorials! I'm so lazy when it comes to my hair and curling irons look too perfect. I usually do twists but I haven't tried buns. Thanks for the tip! ;D

  3. I also braided my hair before going to bed for curls the next day when my hair used to be longer. :) I think it's such an easy and healthy method. Never tried to twirl them, though. Will try this out soon, I think. ^^ I really like how your curls turned out. ♥ So natural and pretty.

    1. It would be cool to see how they turn out on you! :)

  4. haha i've been doing that too.. it's like a magic.... and by the way,,,, You are soooo beautiful!!

  5. I love how it looks *-* so cute and natural, I really love waves hair

  6. You have a very interesting tutorials, and not the topic a bit, but just gorgeous eyebrows:D

    New post

    1. Omg, thank you so muchh!! *o* It takes me forever to do my eyebrows so its good to hear someone likes them :D


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