OOTD and Ben&Jerry's

Had a lovely monday afternoon eating ice cream by the river of Pärnu and somehow managed to take a lot of photos. I couldn't possibly upload them all to my instagram, so that's how this post was born.

Everything I'm wearing is actually quite old. It was the 'wow I haven't worn these in forever' kind of outfit.

The story behind it is that all my tights were broken (don't you hate when that happens???), but it was warm and sunny outside and I wanted to wear something short. So I found these bat tights and while I was at it I thought I should pair them with something more interesting than black shorts.

Beanie - Asos
Leather jacket - thrifted
Sweater - Reserved
Skirt & tights - ebay
Sneakers - Converse


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  1. I really love your ootd *-* I've got the same tights <3

  2. Your legs are beautiful!
    I also love the photos!

  3. Your outfit is really beautiful and so are you!

  4. Cute outfit, and I especially like the tights. ^^


  5. The outfit looks comfy and cute - perfect for fall :)

  6. Great pictures, absolutely love your skirt! <3 (I'm your newest follower lovely!)

    I have a new outfit post up, would love to know your thoughts;




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