My hair extensions from Irresistible Me

Back in July I received Irresistible Me clip-in extensions to try. I've been wearing them on every photo on my instagram and on this blog ever since, so it's about time I wrote a full review on them too.

Irresistible Me carries two main ranges of clip-in hair extensions: Silky Touch and Royal Remy Hair. The set I got is Silky Medium Brown (#4) 20 inch, 200g, 22 clips ($150) which is actually the cheapest option between these two.

That being said, they aren't really suitable for daily wear. I feel like I've been abusing mine a bit too much. But seriously, I don't know how did I manage to live so long without hair extensions!

And as you probably know, the good thing about real hair extensions is that you can use hair conditioner or oil to help them look nice again. You also need to wash them from time to time. So like real hair these extensions have their good days and bad days, i guess.

However, Royal Remy Hair is more expensive so they will probably look beautiful for a longer time. Maybe it's more useful to order these if you want to wear your extensions all the time.

I guess this is not the best before and after photo, but you can definitely see how much thicker & longer my hair is on the 'after' picture. Not gonna lie, having 200g of extra hair sure felt weird and heavy at first, haha.

Here's how they look from further! The most surprising thing about these extensions for me is that they turned naturally wavy after washing them. Not sure why is that? I don't mind since I actually like the wavy look, but I don't remember it happening in the past when I tried out extensions from another brand.

EDIT: After thinking about it, I realized it's probably a good thing that they are wavy. Because my own hair isn't super straight either. So they would look very unnatural if they were straight. Or I'd have to straighten my own hair all the time. 

So, why clip-in extensions? 

First of all, clips-ins won't damage your own hair. You can wear them whenever you want and don't have to worry about salon appointments. And they are cheaper too! Sure, they can be a bit troublesome. For example, choosing & ordering the right color. But Irresistible Me has a great solution for that:

You can try out the color without damaging the product! Thus you can exchange the color if you'd like to.

The clips included are high quality and easy top open and close. There were also 3 extra clips in the set, but so far I haven't needed any of them.

A few more photos to show my thick and long hair!

If you're planning to order hair extensions, I would recommend taking a few minutes to watch this video that shows you all the colors Irresistible Me has side by side so that you can compare them and see the difference. Hopefully it will make it easier to choose a color that matches your hair the best:

Have you ever tried clip-in hair extensions?


  1. Wow, they look really really nice, I mean, if you hadn't told me I'd have believed that was your natural lenght of hair :)

  2. Gull, your review did them no justice, they were always stunning in real life and looked absolutely natural. A great choice, if anyone wants to invest in these!

    1. Well i haven't worn them every single day to be honest and I put argain oil in them before your bday :P But their description says that they are best to be worn a few times a week and I do feel they get a bit messy sometimes. Well, there must be a reason why these are cheaper, i guess? :D

  3. So cool *-* I love long hair
    I would like to try hair extensions

    1. You should! Like seriously, I don't know how I lived so long without any! *o*

  4. Great post! I am going to be getting myself a pair of these extensions, and while googling for reviews, I came across your post :)

    1. I'm glad to hear you liked my post! :)


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