Circle Lens Review: Vassen Rainbow Eyes in Grayish Blue

Today's review is a bit different, because I used my sister as a model - forced her to put on false eyelashes and all that. She was the one who picked out the lenses as well. So let's see how that turned out. :)

Her aim was to find something that looks good on blue eyes and somehow she managed to choose a pair that looks nothing like the lenses I've tried to far. 

The lenses itself were sponsored by Pinky Paradise. As always the package included a cute animal lens case and velcro strips they give you as a present. These strips are actually really useful. They don't damage your hair and I honestly do use these all the time.

Anyway, these must be one of the best lenses I've seen for blue eyes! They blend in so well and look quite natural while enhancing the look of the eyes. Some people have even told my sister that they couldn't tell she's wearing lenses, but I don't see how's that possible. Although these have a 14,5mm diameter, her eyes definitely look a lot bigger and the lenses also give her eyes a subtle pattern that wouldn't be there otherwise. 

Just in case anyone is wondering, we don't share lenses. I was planning to give these to her from the start. Since I already have so many, I thought it would be a lot more amusing to see what she would pick out and how she looks wearing a new pair. Seeing how she chose such an interesting pair, I'm pretty sure my little experiment (or whatever this should be called) was successful.

Vassen 'Rainbow Eyes' also comes in:

Brownish Hazel
Greenish Blue
Light Greenish
Purplish Red
Pinkish Brown

In conclusion, I'm actually very impressed with these lenses and kinda curious about the other colors from 'Vassen Rainbow Eyes' collection. I wonder if they would blend in as well as 'Grayish Blue' did? Maybe 'Greenish Blue' would look good on me? (Since my eyes are actually more greenish blue while my sister's are grayish.) I'd definitely like to try something from this collection in the future.

Anyway, if you are planning to order from Pinky Paradise, don't forget to use my coupon code to receive a cute animal lens case and a mystery gift!

I hope you liked this review and I'd love to hear your opinions as well! :)


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  1. Kahju, et ma ise ripsmepikendustega ja läätstega mässata ei viitsi, aga peaks mainima, et õde on ka väga ilus :)

    1. Tõsi, isegi ma leian, et läätsi on tüütu silma panna, aga kuna ma olen lühinägelik, siis kokkuvõttes on läätsed minu jaoks siiski mugavam lahendus kui prille kanda. :D
      Aga ütlen õele komplimendi edasi. :)

  2. Oh that circle lens looks very magical on you~

  3. I really love your new circle lenses and how beautiful look on you *-*


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