Introducing: CC Hair Extensions

I'm going to introduce you an online store selling hair extensions at great prices. As you probably know I'm wearing clip-in hair extensions myself, so it's definitely something I would recommend to someone who wants to add more volume or length to their hair without spending a fortune on it.

CC hair extensions has a great variety of different hair extensions - including various textures. Which is good since you want to get a set that matches your hair perfectly. Not only color wise, but texture wise as well.

Remy hair clip in extensions are the most popular human hair extensions that transform your hair in a matter of minutes while achieving wonderful long flowing hair. The store provides extensions from 15 inch to 30 inch with weight from 70g-160g to meet different requests.

Apart from clip-ins they also sell hair weave extensions which are quite popular too. Hair weaves (also called hair weft) are strands of hair that are woven into long cloth bands. They are applied to your hair with a special type of latex glue made specially for hair extensions. From CC Hair Extensions you can get hair weave extensions from 10 inch to 28 inch.

Since I haven't used them myself I don't know much about hair weaves, but if you happen to have any questions about clip-ins let me know :)

What's your take on hair extensions?
Would you try them?

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