Review: LoveShoppingholics No.03 Japan Style Eyelash + Vassen Naomi/Glossy 3 Tone Gray Lenses

Today I'm trying out new false eyelashes and gray circle lenses that sent me!

I love the packaging of these eyelashes! So cute, right? You can get them here: for $7.99!

I wanted to try those, because they are different from the kind of lashes I usually wear. However, they just confirmed me that I'm really not the 'natural eyelash' type of girl. It's a good thing the package includes two pairs so I can glue them together like this:

On the left side there's one pair of lashes and on the right there are two pairs glued together. So I decided to wear two pairs at once to have thicker lashes.

LoveShoppingholics also sent me a pair of lenses that I picked out. So you'll see me wearing the lashes with them below.

The pattern on the lenses is very sheer and you can definitely see my own iris underneath the lens, which is not nessesarily a bad thing. I actually like it when lenses create these light circles that remind me of crescent moon around my eyes. Even though they have yellow on them, it doesn't show when worn. Yellow probably helps to blend in the pattern, though.

Btw, the lenses are very thin which makes them extremely comfortable to wear. :)

Vassen/Fynale "Naomi" range also contains:

Final thoughts

It's a shame I had to use both pairs of the eyelashes already, but I like how they turned out. :) The combination of the lashes and lenses also looks very nice!   

What's your opinion on the products LoveShoppingholics sent me?


  1. I really like those lashes.


  2. Woow really cute! They are really gorgeous in gray, and you wear them really good!
    That's weird cause the lashes box remind me a lot of the Mercuro Duo X DUP one! You sould take a look!

    1. Thank you!
      And wow you are right! *o* My knowledge in Japanese cosmetics is nothing compared to you, lol! :D I know cheaper brands copy Diamond Lash or Dolly Wink a lot, but I didn't even know Mercury Duo lashes exist!.... D:

  3. It looks so amazing and natural your eyelashes and also your lenses. Really beautiful!

    1. Thank you! I'm glad you like the look! :)

  4. I really like how natural those lashes actually are, even when doubled up they're just more dramatic. They look wonderful on you!

    1. Thank you! I like them a lot too! :)


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