Circle Lens Review: EOS Gothic 3 Tones Gray & Violet

As promised, I will now compare gray and violet lenses from EOS Gothic 3 Tones collection
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It may sound unbelievable, but I don't think I have ever worn violet lenses before. I've reviewed around 30 pairs of circle lenses on this blog and not a single one of them is violet. So it's was about time to change that. 

To make it a bit more interesting, I decided to use my new MAC products to do my makeup. Since I didn't really swatch or show them being worn yet.

Starting off with gray, I did my makeup using my new purple eyeliner from MAC's Toledo collection. I don't usually wear colorful eyeliner, but since the lenses are so natural looking I think that compensates it a bit. Otherwise, i'd feel like there's too muh going on. Anyway, I believe brown lenses would look nice with this eyeliner as well.

On lips I'm wearing MAC Lipglass in 'Tenor Voice' whih is also new.

Speaking of the lenses itself, these must be the most natural lenses I've ever tried. You can't even tell I'm wearing lenses on some photos. For comparision you should see Vassen Rainbow Eyes in Grayish blue, which my sister modelled for this blog and looked very natural as well!

Now these look a bit odd, i guess. However, odd could be a good thing as well! Depending on what kind of look & style you are going for. For me they are definitely unusual.

The lenses blend into my own eye color very well, like all lenses from Gothic 3 Tones collection, but I'm not quite sure how I feel about the green & violet combo. I often say that about lenses, but they definitely look better from further.

Final thoughts

I like that these lenses have a 14.5mm diameter, so they don't look too over the top. They also blend into lighter eye colors well. However, they have only 38% water content, so they feel a bit dry. I wouldn't recommend them for long time wear. Other than that, they are pretty nice. :)

Which pair do you like better? Gray or violet?

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  1. They look so nice on you!
    So gorgeous ♡

  2. The violet lenses look so nice on your light eyes! I wonder how they would look on brown...


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