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Searching for a prom dress is probably super hard - you want your dress to be unique, fit well, and represent your personal style. Here in Estonia proms aren't really a thing, but instead we wear pretty dresses for our graduation. Either way, Landybridal can help you find a perfect dress for these events.

So why do I recommend this store? While browsing their site I quickly learned that the dresses will be made after you place an order and you can choose the color of the fabric. So when you see a black dress and think you'd like to get it in pink instead, they'll do that for you. 

Of course, this means tailoring time will be added to shipping and progressing time. However, they use expedite shipping services, so shipping will be around 3-5 days for most of the countries and cost around £20/27€. It's actually quite reasonable considering that your prom dress is very important and you don't want it to get lost on the way.

Now let's see their dresses. If you want to feel like a princess, you should go for their prom ball gowns, which truly look like something straight out of a fairytale.


Apart from cinderella dresses you can get something more elegant and adult-like as well.




Their prices start at around 65€, the more sophisticated the dress the higher the price. They offer short dresses too, however in my opinion prom is a great excuse the wear a long dress like this for once. That's why I only included photos of long dresses.

Anyway, here's a link you should click to visit the store! ↓

Have you gone to a prom before? What would your ideal prom dress look like? 

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  1. Some of them are just wonderful ! Lovely photos ? :)

  2. These dresses are all so beautiful - love the colours and styles!! :)


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