Circle Lens Review: Geo Eyescream in Chocomousse

'Chocomousse' is my second pair of circle lenses from Geo Eyescream collection. I really came to like the idea of reviewing the whole circle lens collection instead of random colors from here and there. So I wanted to pick something I have already reviewed - but in a different color!

The collection only has 3 colors - Vanilla Brown, Chocomousse & RayRay Gray.

Since I've already tried & reviewed Vanilla Brown, I can now compare it to Chocomousse. You might want to click here and see the review for yourself too before you proceed with this one!

If you know anything about circle lenses you should know that there are 2 types of brown lenses - yellowish brown and chocolate brown. Chocomousse is definitely a dark chocolate brown like it's name suggests. And for comparison - Vanilla Brown is a light yellowish brown.

Similarly to Vanilla Brown 'Chocomousse' looks completely different on brown & light eyes. On my blue eyes the color looks almost black and blends into my own eye color surprisingly well. I mean, the lenses do look like they wouldn't blend in like that, right? But they do! And same goes for Vanilla Brown.

However, on dark eyes the lenses look totally different. They have light brown circles in the center and don't really blend in like that.

Overall, I love this pair. They look great & I prefer 14.5mm lenses to bigger ones these days. It's a bit sad they expire in 3 months, but on the other hand they are very soft & comfy. I'm now excited to try RayRay Gray as well, since all the colors from Geo Eyescream seem to blend into blue eyes very well.

Have you tried anything from Geo Eyescream collection yet?

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  1. They look so gorgeous! Your skin looks flawless omg....

  2. wow thes is so cool =D

  3. Really beautiful cl *-* so natural

    1. I'm glad to hear you like them! :)


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