JORD Wood Watch

If you're into wristwatches and unique pieces of jewelry, JORD wood watches might be something you want to get familiar with. That's right, each one of their watches is a work of art made of real wood.

The one I have is called Fieldcrest - Maple and I must say I'm very happy with it! When I first heard of JORD, I was actually a bit intimidated by the fact that their watches are made of wood - I hadn't seen anything like that before and I wasn't sure how they would look in real life. But it turns out they are really pretty, well designed & lightweight! I love the color of my watch and the unique wooden texture it has.

My watch arrived in this neat slide-open wooden box. I also received a cleaning cloth & extra links for my watch. Although, you can get your watch sized at JORD before they ship it out, it's good to know you receive extra links just in case. If you happen to lose them and need new extra links you can also order them separately later.

Would you like to have a wooden watch in your jewelry collection?
Or maybe you already have one?

Leave me a comment & share your thoughts on wooden watches! :)

Wood Watch Review
If you are looking for a unique and affordable timepiece, Jord Wood Watches is definitely worth checking out! My fieldcrest maple has a very simple design, but if you like crystals or more colorful watches you can also find something for your taste. Check out their store and let me know which one is your favourite! :)


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  1. I've been seeing these watches around lately and I love them! Such a different look from what watches normally are!


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  2. Love the wooden material of theservice watches. It really looks pretty!


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