My Favourite Circle Lenses For Light Eyes: Geo Eyescream RayRay Gray

It's been a while since my last circle lens review, so today I'm here to share my experience & of course photos wearing Geo EyesCream Ray Ray Gray lenses. I've already shown you 2 pairs from this collection before. To see all my circle lens reviews, please visit my circle lens directory, which I created recently. 

There are 3 colors available in Geo Eyes Cream series:
Choco Mousse
, Vanilla Brown and Rayray Gray.
I've now reviewed them all so click the links to see my previous reviews. :)

The lenses have a 3 tone design which is rather popular these days. They have a warm caramel brown/yellow tone in the center, which makes them look very natural.

On my eyes, the lenses actually blend in super well & end up looking very similar to my own eye color. Only difference is that my eyes appear to be bigger with lenses and also have this subtle pattern on them. Overall, 'RayRay Gray' is a nice pair of gray lenses that look very good on light eyes.

Purchase them here!

Now that I've tried all Geo Eyescream lenses, I must say that I really liked them all. It's hard to pick a favourite since they were all good looking and worked well on my eye color. I truly recommend giving them a try :)

What do you think of this pair?
Have you tried any of Geo Eyescream lenses yet? 


  1. You have amazing eyes! Lovely ʕ•͡ᴥ•ʔ

    Have a nice Wednesday ~
    Minnie Mouse Strawberry Lip Smacker

  2. Wow super natural design! I love it so much!
    You have really beautiful eyes <3 and your natural make up is really cute

  3. Wow, so beautiful~thank you for sharing this.

  4. OMG I spent so long googling for a light-eyed person who reviewed these lenses! Thank you so much for a good review with quality photos!
    I think I'm gonna buy this pair now, even though gray is not normally my first color choice. x) I thought I could use these lenses for school and such since my eyes are a light blue-gray and thus these lenses wouldn't look too unnatural. :3 Thank you!

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    1. Aww, I'm so happy to hear this review was helpful! :) These lenses definitely look very natural yet more interesting than plain eyes without lenses.


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