Circle Lens Review: Fairy 1 Day Princess Green

Daily disposable circle lenses have become very popular these days. I guess there are many reasons why. However, I had never tried any until I received this box of daily circle lenses from Pinkicon. Lets see if they feel any different from yearly disposable ones!

One box includes 10 lenses (5 pairs) and retails for $18.67 at Pinkicon. They truly are softer and less drying than yearly disposable lenses. Compared to monthly disposable ones I can't tell much difference. They are definitely more hygienic, though, since you can wear a fresh pair every time. I think daily lenses would be a good option for those who only wear lenses occasionally. The expiry date on my lenses is 2018/04, so they can be kept unopened for a while.

Fairy 1 Day Princess lenses also come in: pink, violet & brown.

You wont need a circle lens case for these, but I put mine in one to get a better photo of the lenses. :)

At first, I thought these would look more similar to Geo Princess Mimi Green. I mean, their name and design are somewhat alike. However, Fairy 1 Day lenses look a lot more natural. Their color is more subtle and diameter noticeably smaller.

I love how they look on me. On the photo below it almost seems like I'm not even wearing lenses. However, my own eyes aren't really that green and bold looking, so they definitely do add some effect despite being so natural. :)

Pinkicon shares the hottest fashion & beauty trends from Korea & Japan. They provide over 300 different designs of circle lenses and have numerous popular cosmetics in stock. All 100% authentic. What is more, they offer free worldwide shipping!

Has any of you tried daily lenses? 
Which type of lenses do you prefer?


  1. These suit you so well! I actually like how natural these look but I'd prefer it if they had a longer lifespan >.< Your eye makeup is so on point - I love it! :D What lashes do you use? I've been trying to invest in some but I never know which ones to go for :P

    Kelly ♡

    1. Yeah, I like them too, I wonder if I can find something similar with a longer lifespan?
      And thank you! I'm glad you like my makeup! My lashes are Diamond Lash - Wink Eye. :)

  2. You look awesome! *_* But only 1 day lifespan? Too bad for me xD I prefer lenses with more lifespan >__<
    Hugs! ^3^

    1. They are really comfy & I like the natural design! But since I wear lenses very often, buying 6 boxes a month would be too expensive for me too :( So I would also choose a pair with a longer lifespan. However, they were sponsored so I took the chance to show what they look like - maybe someone is interested in daily lenses . :)

  3. You have the perfect eye colour for these (and so much others I'm sure) circle lenses!
    You're really beautiful god *-*


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