Lavender Smokey Eye

This is the make-up look I did for my last circle lens review. I don't actually wear this kind of makeup often - only when there's a special occasion or when I'm taking photos for a lens review. Because, obviously, I want my lens reviews to look nice. :) 

I've always loved the combination of green eyes & purple eyeshadow. I think the colors compliment each other beautifully. If you don't have green eyes you can always use a pair of colored contact lenses. My eyes are a mixture of blue & green, but the lenses completely hide the blue part so the outcome is dark green.

What I used:

I've been using Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation in 'Light Vanilla' for years! Mostly because it's hard to find another foundation that is so light and works well for my fair skin.

Another long time favourite used in this look is Manhattan Clear Face Compact Powder in 'Vanilla'. I've been repurchasing it for the longest time. Even though I've tried several other powders (Maybelline, MAC, etc.), this is still my favourite.

MAC 'Sweet Heat' Extra Dimension Eye Shadow as a transition colour. (Also works well as a bronzer!)

MAC 'Leap' Mineralize Eye Shadow Duo (LE)

MAC 'Soul Serenade' Extra Dimension Eye Shadow (LE)

MAC 'Electric Illumination' Electric Cool Eyeshadow - my newest super sparkly & shimmery MAC eyeshadow that is perfect for inner corners! It has a really interesting spongey texture, but applies a bit unevely as you can see on the photo below. I love the pop of sparkle it adds to my make-up look, tho.

Do you like to use purple eyeshadows?
What eyeshadow color would you never wear?


  1. What a gorgeous smokey eye! *-* I love purple eyeshadows, I think purple is one of the colours that really suit my brown eyes! xx

    1. It's a lot lighter than most 'smokey eye' looks out there, but i don't know what else to call it. :D i'm glad you like the look, tho! :) And i agree - purple also looks good with brown eyes. :)

  2. That smokey eye is amazing and it really suit tour eyes!
    Personally, I'd never wear neon eyeshadows, especially yellow and orange. I think a lot of makeup artists use them really well but I don't think they look good on me.

    1. Thank you!
      I have to agree - I don't own a single bright neon colored eyeshadow. :D When it comes to clothing I don't really like neon either. :/

  3. This look is so pretty. I haven't done a lot of makeup looks lately but this inspired me. :)

    1. Aww, thanks! & I'm happy to hear this has ispired you! :)


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