Too Cool for School Art Class by Rodin Contouring Powder

This is the last item I received from BNT news this month. A contouring powder from Too Cool for School - a Korean makeup brand that first caught my eye with their creative & fun packaging. According to their Korean website, Art Class by Rodin is one of their best selling products right now. So lets see whether there's more to it than just cool design! :)

The contouring palette has 3 different shades, which are all darker than my skin tone. What is more, the colors are completely matte, so they are perfect for contouring.

Surprisingly, the texture of this product is kind of hard - I'm not very sure how to explain it, but my setting powder is a lot softer, so I can overload my face with it. However, with this powder you get less product on your brush. I think it's a good thing, though, since contouring will look more natural that way. If you want to do a Kim Kardashian type of contouring you need to go for cream contouring, anyway. So think of this contouring kit as something that creates a more natural look. The colors are rather subtle too, offering a sheer shadow to sculpt & define your face.

I personally got a lot of use out of it - apart from contouring, it can also be used as an eyeshadow or as a brow powder! I like to use the middle brown shade to contour my crease. It's perfect for a lazy 'no-makeup' look! And the darkest shade is great for setting the gel liner I use on my brows.

All in all, I really liked this contouring powder. It's versatile & the colors are great. What is more, Too Cool For School really knows how to make their products look interesting. If anyone's wondering which products from TCFS they should try, I'll definitely recommend this one! :)

Where to buy?   
You can get it from Ebay for $16!

Have you tried any products from Too Cool For School?


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  1. I think I should get this one since I usually (100% of the time) go overboard!!

    BCfactor Blog

  2. Hi Yuki! I didn't know you were part of bnt! Welcome! I agree with you, the Artclass can be "hard" and you have to really layer it to build up the color. :)


    1. Hi Joanne! I think they haven't updated their facebook page, but they contacted me in the middle of August. :)

      I like the hard texture, though! My skintone is so light that i really don't have to do that much layering, however the contouring will look nice & natural. :D


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