Quick review: MAC Casual Colour Lip & Cheek Colour in "Hi Jinks!"

MAC Hi Jinks! Casual Colour Lip & Cheek Colour is described as 'bright coral'. It's a nice pop of color for both cheeks & lips. Sounds nice, right? I love the idea, because it would save anyone the trouble of matching their lip & cheek colour. However I'm not very keen on cream blushes. I find them to look patchy over time and hard to apply overall, but I do love the color 'Hi Jinks!' so I was willing to give it a try.

Hi Jinks! actually looks very pretty & fresh on cheeks, although, just as I had predicted, it's hard to get it applied evenly. I recently read that a beautyblender would help, but sadly I dont own one. So maybe I should think about investing in that?

Here's how it looks swatched. The color can be built up to be true-to-pan or blended out for a very subtle flush of warm coral-red. As a lip colour, I think it looks good. It's well pigmented and creamy.

The packaging looks like there's a lot of product, but don't be fooled. It actually just includes a small 2,5ml pan, which is very little product for the price  (20.73€ at Nordstrom). These used to come in a 13ml pot, which may didnt look as nice design wise, but were a better value for money. In my opinion, MAC really needs to slow down on their price increases and size decreases.

In conclusion, I have mixed feelings about this product. It's a bit hard to apply, but looks lovely if done correctly. The color is great, but there's really too little product for something that is meant to be used on lips & cheeks at the same time. If used daily, I imagine one would hit pan very quickly. So, it's a beautiful bright color, but not a smart buy if you're on a budget. 

Have you found a product that looks good on both lips and cheeks? :)

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  1. Nii kaunis värv siia halli päeva!

  2. It's a shame that the packaging is so misleading! I thought there would be more product too, from the samples in stores. :c The color is gorgeous though!
    Thank you for the review! c:

    1. Yea, I only noticed the quanity when I started writing my review. Didn't put much thought into the '2,5ml/0,08 oz' it says on the package before. Compared to this, a regular MAC blush has 6g/0,21 oz of product. I agree you might use less of cream blush at a time, but it's supposed to be a multi use product, so idk.:/

      I do love the color! I guess many people will still buy it, cause it's MAC. :D


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