Burgundy Hues for Fall

I've got a couple of new perfectly autumn themed makeup products to try! :) Here's a quick overview of which ones I liked & which ones not so much.

1. MAC 'Sketch' Powder Blush - I was really excited about trying this one and a bit scared too. I mean, look how dark it is! Sadly, it turns out the rich plum shade doesn't really work for my light skin tone. When blended out the color reminds me of bruises more than anything. What is more, the texture of this blush was a bit too dry & powdery, so it didn't blend well either and looked patchy. Making the outcome look even more like bruises. All in all, this blush was rather dissapointing. It might work for darker skin tones, but in my case, no. So I ended up giving it to my sister who wanted to use it as a pigment on lips.

2. MAC 'Ms. Diva' Pro Longwear Lip Pencil - intense reddish burgundy. Love this one! It's super long-lasting & dark red/burgundy lip tones have always had a special place in my heart. I often wear lip pencils all over the lips with a lip balm underneath. However, this one applies a bit unevenly when worn alone, probably because it's such a dark tone & lip pencils aren't really designed to be worn all over the lips. So I want to get a MAC lipstick to match this shade soon.
Ever heard of Back 2 MAC? If you bring 6 empty MAC products to their counter, they'll give you a free lipstick in exchange! I currently have 5 empties, so I'm planning to use them to get a new lipstick that matches my 'Ms. Diva' lip pencil. I might change my mind, though, but we'll see once I have these 6 empties.

Took this photo for color comparison. 'Ms. Diva' lip pencil is more reddish, while 'Sketch' is more plum toned and actually looks purple on me when blended out.

3. MAC 'Dressed to the K9s' Mineralize Glass - It looks so dark in the tube, but in reality the color is actually sheer, half transparent & berry pink. It looks nice on my 'Ms. Diva' lip pencil, though, but I don't really like using it since it makes my lips sticky & totally ruins the longevity of the lip pencil. So that's why I want to get a matching lipstick instead.

In conclusion, my favourite out of these three & the one I actually love and use was MAC 'Ms. Diva' lip pencil! 'Dressed to the K9s' Mineralize Glass looks nice too, but I don't really like lipglosses that much in general. And lastly, I gave my 'Sketch' blush away so that pretty much sums up my thoughts on that.
Have you tried any new makeup products this fall?

Disclosure: These are press samples provided by MAC Cosmetics for editorial consideration. All thoughts are my own and were not influenced by the company or free products provided. 


  1. Nii imeilusad värvid jälle!

  2. I;m so in love with this post LOL i love burgundy but i find it hard for me to wear it outside >< But autumn is the perfect season for it! New follower >O<
    Jessie @ bijou-heart

    1. I'm glad you like the post! Burgundy definitely goes well with autumn so you should give it a try. :)

  3. The color of the lip pencil looks amazing! It really suits your Lona, you're so lucky to be able to boast this kind of colors!



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