Glamulet Jewelry: Design Your Own Bracelet!

Ever wanted to get a customized bracelet for yourself or as a present for someone else? If yes, then let me introduce you to Glamulet Jewelry!

Glamulet offers an exquisite set of personalized jewelry that add a magical touch to any beaded bracelet. They sent me some of their top selling charms & a bracelet to try & review, beause this way I can tell you more about the quality and service they provide. :)

The bracelet arrived with a shopping bag, beautiful jewelry box & polishing cloth. This was definitely a nice surprise! I hadn't heard about their brand before, so I didn't know they put this much effort into their packaging. :) This is perfect if you are planning to use the bracelet as a gift. 

I like how these charms have a rose gold/pink theme going on & they look really nice together! Glamulet uses 925 sterling silver in all their bracelets & charms, so you can be sure of their good quality. 

I was a bit dissapointed, though, because they only offered me leather bracelets to choose from & the smallest size for these is 17cm. My hands are so tiny I think I need 15cm. But whatever, I can still wear it, I guess. Or get another bracelet for the charms later.

Overall I really recommend Glamulet if you like this type of personalized jewelry. They have a good selection of bracelets & all sorts of charms you can possibly think of! Zodiac signs, birthstones, etc. 

Customized bracelets are definitely a great present as well! Glamulet promises a 72 hour delivery if you live in the US, so you have plenty of time to put together some personalized bracelets for Christmas. :)

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Do you like this type of bracelets? Would you consider buying something from Glamulet?
Leave me a comment below, I love hearing your thoughts! :)

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