Romantic Vintage Lace Wedding Dresses from Landybridal

Every bride deserves a special experience of wearing a dress of their dreams on their wedding day to look elegant and feel confident. Landybridal is the best place to start searching from, if you are looking for a romantic & feminine wedding gown. They have a wide selection of vintage lace wedding dresses to choose from. Here are some of my favourite gowns from their boutique.

I've already introduced Landybridal on my blog, but in case the name is still new for you, here's a quick intro. :)

For over 15 years, Landybridal has been an expert dress-maker in bridal profession. You can order wedding gowns, bridesmaid dresses, homecoming dresses and much more from their store. If you search for the store online you will find plenty of reviews and real photos of their dresses. They are also willing to send their customers extra photos of any dress upon request. 

Landybridal also has a new wedding dresses 2016 collection available on their store including lots of different wedding dress designs: off the shoulder dresses, long ball gown type of dresses, short wedding dresses as well as sheath column wedding dresses. Their gowns feature beautiful beading and embroidery, luxurious fabrics, excellent quality and workmanship. All of their dresses are handmade and can be custom made. 

Wedding dress promotion: Buy any wedding dress and receive a 20% discount on mother of the bride dresses! Visit Landybridal for more details! Offer is limited. 

What do you think of vintage lace wedding dresses?

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  1. The dresses are so pretty! Love the lace ones *O*
    Jessie @ bijou-heart

    1. I know, right!? The lace dresses look so romantic & feminine! :)

  2. These wedding dresses are so beautiful.I really like the first design.Lace dresses are always elegant!

  3. Your wedding dresses are beautiful, love the latest one.
    Be better with cheap statement necklaces


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