I-MIIX Magic Capsule Silky Make Up Base #2 Green

Colorful makeup primers aren't exactly new to me as I've tried a yellow & lavender MAC primer before.

However, this month BNT news sent me a green makeup primer to try! So lets see how it performs.

This I-MIIX Magic Capsule Silky Make Up Base is made of visible color capsules that contain a moisturizing and makeup-preserving essence. It's probably the type of product you have to like at least a bit since it looks so unique & beautiful! For example, I find myself totally fascinated by those colorful candy-like pearls in the tube.

I-MIIX makeup base is supposed to fix skin tone, protect from UV rays and improve skin’s natural color. It contains titanium dioxide, so it does probably block uv rays, however it's SPF is not specified.

The pump breaks the color capsules and you get a green colored liquid, which is a mixture of the pearls and clear essence.

It's not exactly hydrating, but my skin does feel different after applying it. I actually feel like the primer provides a smooth canvas for my foundation to stick to. 

It's light green color brightens my skin tone as well as reduces redness. Unlike my yellow MAC primer, it doesn't actually make my skin look green, but the brightening effect is very noticeable.

I'm not really sure how much longer it helps to make my foundation last, though. In general, my makeup always stays nice for a while since my skin isn't oily nor too dry.

Where to buy?

I-MIIX products are made in Korea, however they seem to mainly focus on Chinese market. Which is why there's Chinese on their packaging & when I googled the product some Chinese online shops came up. So if you're interested you can try purchasing it here (Currently on sale for $36!).

There are also 4 other colors available: white, pink, blue & violet. However, I think that out of these 5, green is the best option for me! :) I do think they should add yellow to their selection, though.

Final Conclusion

It's a nice primer & I can definitely see myself using it, however it costs more than most of my bb creams & foundations. It's unique packaging might justify the high price a bit, tho.

Would you give this a try? 
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  1. I'm intrigued! I am all about color correcting so this is definitely something I'd like to try. I also love how they used beads instead of a fluid.

  2. They sent me this too! I didn't like it at all. Too bad... Anyway, nice blog here! Keep rocking!

    1. That's too bad, it worked well for me! :(

  3. Since I don;t use any facial makeup (bb cream / cc cream/ foundation /powder) I won't be purchasing this! However, I do like the packaging :)
    Jessie @ bijou-heart

    1. Really? Did you stop using them recently? I've definitely seen you review some bb creams/cushions before! :D

      Anyway, I do agree it's packaging is super nice! :)


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